The Tide Turns

Yesterday, Gallup released the first in its State of the States series, highlighting the political demographic breakdowns in each state.

Overall, both Democrats and Republicans can find good news in the results.

Nationwide, party support shifted in a slightly more Republican direction in 2009 after a historically strong Democratic year in 2008. Overall, 49% of Americans in 2009 identified as Democrats or said they were independent but leaned to the Democratic Party, while 41% identified as Republicans or were Republican-leaning independents. That 8-point Democratic advantage compares to a 12-point, 52% to 40%, Democratic advantage in 2008.

But interestingly enough, Ohio was the one state with the highest change in Democratic advantage.

Now Democrats may still like to tout their 10-point advantage in Ohio, but before they do so, they may want to take a look at the 29-point advantage in Massachusetts.

Oh the times, they are a-changin’.