The Trend is Clear

The new Ohio Poll is out and Kasich breaks the magic threshold of 50, up 51-45 over Governor Strickland.

This is the fourth straight poll showing Kasich up between 6-10 points, showing a clear trend in the state of the race.

Once I get a hold of the demographic crosstabs, I’ll take a closer look at what the numbers mean.

One thought on “The Trend is Clear”

  1. The DDN didn’t print the crosstabs – I was curious to see as well, because the poll has Strickland at a 6-point deficit to Kasich despite a 50-45 approval rating. I hadn’t seen a poll in a while with a net positive approval rating for Gov. Strickland. If he is losing to Kasich by 6 amongst a group that approves of him by 5 points imagine what his real deficit is!

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