Things get worse for Ohio’s congressional Democrats…

Just 11 days ago, political prognosticator Charlie Cook had four Ohio Democrats on his list of vulnerable congressional seats.

And now, thanks to Bill Johnson and Tom Ganley, that number has increased by 50%.

As of the February 18th rankings, Reps. Charlie Wilson and Betty Sutton have a new target on their heads.

As we’ve discussed before, Wilson is facing a tough challenge in a district that has voted for George Bush and John McCain in the past two Presidential elections. Bill Johnson’s record of service to his country and as an entrepreneur makes him the perfect candidate to provide a solid challenge.

Meanwhile, in the 13th district, Ganley brings a massive cash advantage against Sutton in a race where internal GOP polls have already shown Ganley with an edge.

With the latest generic congressional ballot from Rasmussen showing Republicans increasing their lead to 9 points, it’s no wonder Ohio Republicans have been able to recruit such solid candidates. The political environment couldn’t be much better.

And that shows in Larry Sabato’s most recent “Crystal Ball” prediction. While the longtime political analyst only sees the GOP gaining 27 seats in the House, two of them are courtesy two Democrats from Ohio.

Mary Jo Kilroy and Steve Driehaus.

The question now becomes, when will the DCCC give up on these two races and focus their resources on defending the other four vulnerable Ohio Democrats?