Tim Grendell’s Tyranny In Geauga Continues; Will Supreme Court Step In?

Tim Grendell has a reputation. And that’s not a compliment. Recently, Grendell has found himself back in the news, this time for abusing his powers because his feelings got hurt. Grendell is now on record at least twice for threatening to incarcerate two people who challenged him.

In 2010, then Senator Grendell had two remaining years left in his position before being termed out. He ran and won a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives. But, in a defiant move, Grendell refused to accept his seat in the House. Sources said that Grendell’s decision was based upon his failed attempt to get his wife Diane appointed to the remainder of his term in the Senate.

December 10, 2010, the Ohio Republican Party’s State Central Committee unanimously passed a resolution charging that Grendell’s actions were “an attempt to ‘game’ our elections system.”

Several months later, following the death of Juvenile and Probate Judge Charles “Chip” Henry, Grendell was appointed to the bench in Geauga County by Governor Kasich. Voters have since returned Grendell to the bench twice.

Since then, Grendell has made decisions and appointments which have raised more than a few eyebrows. In October 2014, Grendell, threatened to jail Geauga County Auditor Frank Gliha for not paying for newspapers ads in six local newspapers.  The ads were titled, “Observations from the Bench of Judge Tim Grendell.” His attempts to bully the Auditor were successful.

“I had to pay it out of whatever fund he ordered me to pay it out of,” Gliha said. “He just wanted it paid and he wanted it paid right away.”

The Geauga County Auditor’s Office is audited by the state every year, Gliha said. He expects state auditors to come to Geauga in January 2015. If there is anything irregular, the auditors may be interested.

“I’m sure the state auditors will take a look, if someone asks them to,” he said.

Grendell also has caused some issues with his choice of appointment to the Parks Board. The Plain Dealer said his decisions were “disruptive” to the Board. Grendell also appointed Geauga County Democratic Chairwoman Janet Carson to the Portage-Geauga Detention Center Board of Trustees. This was last year before his re-election. Conveniently, Grendell was not challenged by a Democrat in November.

Grendell now finds himself back in the news for what appears to be an abuse of power. He got his hands on an email from a third party that mentions Geauga County Republican Chairwoman Nancy McArthur saying something negative about the judge.

“I am sorry I filed that petition. It is one of the WORST mistakes I have ever made in my life. I had no idea what [sic] flake Judge Grendell is. Confidentially, I talked with the chairman of the Geauga County Republican Party and she told me that Kasich appointed him [Grendell] to replace Henry in order to get him out of Columbus. She said her opinion of him and that of others in his own party is that he is [sic] narcissist and mentally ill. Also, that he is a chameleon who takes revenge on people who disagree with him. I can forward you the emails because she put it in writing.”

Rather than laugh it off or ignore it, as people without ego and abuse issues do, Grendell subpoenaed McArthur, even though she had nothing to do with the case and the email wasn’t hers. He informed her that if she was found in contempt that she would be incarcerated.  McArthur’s attorney’s request for a continuance was met with a denial from Grendell.

After being challenged in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Grendell further put his arrogance on display by sending a letter to the editor in which he states there are limits to the First Amendment.

According to Grendell, the First Amendment prohibits bruising the enormous ego of a certain bully Judge in Geauga County.

Grendell equates someone having a personal opinion, or in this case hearsay of a personal opinion, to yelling fire in a movie theater. That analogy is not only grossly insulting but was overused fifty years ago. Grendell has publicly displayed that he has no regard for the 1st Amendment and is willing to use the powers of his bench to harass people.

Letter to Editorial Board

In addition, Grendell is trying to get Appellate Judge Colleen O’Toole to recuse herself in McArthur’s challenge to his show cause motion. Grendell’s wife Diane, who also is an appellate judge, is helping with outing O’Toole.

“Judge O’Toole further said that she cannot recuse herself because Nancy McArthur would ‘grieve’ her and that my husband, Judge Timothy Grendell, should file a motion to recuse her (Judge O’Toole).” – Diane Grendell

It is imperative to the citizens of Geauga County that the Supreme Court looks into the abuses of Tim Grendell. It is the responsibility of the Justices to police judicial actions and Grendell’s certainly warrants that.







Author: Rachel

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7 thoughts on “Tim Grendell’s Tyranny In Geauga Continues; Will Supreme Court Step In?”

  1. Robin hang in there. You have the support from every level headed, common sense citizen of Geauga County. It is surreal that such an abusive individual is allowed to run rough-shod over the Constitutional rights of the people he is supposed to serve. Judge Grendell’s actions over the past six months have been an annoyance of those in charge of curbing his abuses. However, I believe that your situation will force a real investigation into his monarchial behavior.

    1. Ms. Neff,

      I think Judge Grendell is about as fit to sit on the bench as the Pope is to play quarterback in the NFL. That being said I must point out that you do bear some responsibility for the prediciment you find yourself in now.

      You reached out to a person for help and that person, although not very wisely, commented about the judge but declined to do anything to help you because there was nothing she could do. For whatever reason you then chose to share and make public those comments that were better left between you and her. Had you kept those comments to yourself, as they were intended, none of the current circus surounding this would be happeneing.

      I sympathize with you, I truly do. But as I have very publicly pointed out to Judge Grendell, and to Nancy McArthur sometimes it is best to just hit the delete button than to carry on the conversation.

  2. Robin, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I could only imagine your frustration when trying to deal with this man of so called “honor”.
    As a mother and a grandmother of 5, I have no doubt in my mind that had I heard the same things about Grendell as you did, that I to would have reacted and responded the same.
    Rumor has it that a “lawyer” hinted to Grendell that he had emails that had some pretty harsh things to say about Grendell and after learning this, Grendell forced him and threatened him with contempt if he did not hand these emails over to him.
    Filling in the blanks, I think we could all assume that it was your lawyer who handed these personal emails over to Grendell.
    If this is the case, why can’t this lawyer file charges against Grendell for Abuse of Powers or Coercion?
    Please correct me if I’m wrong with my assumptions.
    I hope that justice will be served to you, your family, and the residents of Geauga county.

  3. R Alln said “I think Judge Grendell is about as fit to sit on the bench as the Pope is to play quarterback in the NFL.”

    Good point! Begging the question as to why Governor John Kasich appointed another political hack to an judicial position. Not the first time it has happened.

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