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Troopergate hits home.

Ohio Governor Strickland’s home base is Southeast Ohio.

He was born and lived there. He represented the region in Congress.

And now one of the major papers in the Governor’s home region thinks some members of his Administration may need to go to jail.

From the Marietta Times:

Lawmakers are investigating [the sting at the mansion] and other situations in which political considerations appear to have conflicted with the highway patrol’s law enforcement duties. In the governor’s home case, there has been testimony that the reason for canceling the sting was to avoid embarrassment for Strickland. It needs to be noted that there is no evidence the governor himself had knowledge of the incident.

After hearing about the fiasco, state Sen. Timothy Grendell, R-Chesterland, remarked that testimony made it clear ”that politics have taken precedence over public safety.” We agree that there are strong indications of just that happening.

Lawmakers should continue their investigation. If it is found that criminal investigations were influenced improperly by members of Strickland’s administration, charges should be brought against them.

Cue the ominous mystery theater music.

“…charges should be brought against them.” Those are big words.

No matter how you slice it, this kind of publicity is a net negative for Ted Strickland. And when newspapers in your base region start pounding you, it hurts.

In 2006, Strickland won Washington County, where Marietta is the county seat, with 66% of the vote. That margin was reflected throughout many of the surrounding counties where the Marietta Times maintains circulation. Without a doubt, negative coverage can impact that vote margin. That doesn’t necessarily mean Kasich will win a plurality of those voters, but a scandal-plagued Governor’s office has a tendency to depress his supporters and make it more difficult to motivate them to the polls.

Strickland needs Troopergate to go away. And fast.

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