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Using Twitter for the power of good

I’ve been pushing for an increased focus on the Obama Administration’s decision not to fund DC School Choice since back in February. Afterall, with a budget of $3.6 trillion and billions going to failed companies, there has to be some way to find the $18 million to save this successful, proven and efficient program.

Unfortunately, the only place I’ve seen much fuss over this tragedy has been on conservative blogs and a couple minor articles in the Washington Post.

Nothing substantial from the mainstream media.

Well, with Reason TV putting some money behind this effort with the below embedded video, I think it’s about time conservatives take this question directly to the MSM in asking them to confront the Obama Administration on this important issue.

There are three ways to misuse twitter. Two of them are bad.

  • Tell your friends what you’re doing every five seconds.
  • Annoy public officials and media with immature or harmful comments.
  • Connect with the media and politicians using civil discourse on substantive issues.

I’ve had the pleasure to go back and forth with ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper a few times via Twitter. Provided you’re respectful and substantive(well, as substantive as you can be in 140 characters), he, and others, just may respond to you.

Well, it’s my belief that DC School Choice is important enough an issue that an effective, respectful, and substantive Twitter Campaign aimed at the media may be enough to bring this issue to the fore.

As soon as I publish this post, I am going to tweet the following to @jaketapper from @djtablesauce:

@jaketapper The WH must answer for dismantling DC School Choice. Please ask Gibbs at next briefing. #dcchoice

If you use twitter, I ask you to do the same.

Jake Tapper has been one of the few in the MSM that has had the courage to critique the Administration. It is my hope that he can take the lead in bringing this important education issue under national scrutiny.

Below please find the fantastic video put together by the folks at Reason TV that is highlighted in the link tweeted above.


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