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The AOL Politics blog made some news yesterday when they started spreading some gossip that Sen. Voinovich wasn’t planning on running for re-election to the US Senate in 2010. If true, it’s a bit of surprise…according to our sources Voino had been raising money as if planning on running again and his office is just as active as ever.

But today the Columbus Dispatch reports about some “reshuffling” of the fundraising team and includes an anonymous quote from a “senior GOP official” addressing Voino’s openness to retirement.

Ace is a bit worried:

Jeb, Kit Bond, now Voinovich. For some odd reason Republicans are deciding 2010 isn’t an appealing time to run. Candidate recruitment, which had been bad in recent years, is getting worse still.

The good news is that it opens the door for those “fresh faces” we’d all like to see. The bad news is that it’s damn hard to get elected as a “fresh face.”

In reality, it’s very simple. Voino, who I’m sure would love to stay in the Senate, understands how important the 2010 election is for Ohio Republicans. Currently, former Reps. Rob Portman and John Kasich are heading towards a clash for the only open race worth their high profiles, Governor. But, if the Senate seat opens up, Portman can make his run for the senior legislative body and Kasich can have his go at Governor Strickland.

Ohio isn’t going to get any better candidates for these two seats than Portman and Kasich. If this all shakes out the way it’s tending towards, this is one case where things finally work out well for the Ohio GOP, and it will be thanks to Sen. Voinovich…who will go out a winner.

What’s important at this point is fundraising. Kasich won’t have any trouble running a good political ground game, but he needs money to win. And he needs to know he’ll have it. So what are you waiting for… help Recharge Ohio.

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