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Vote for Mandel!………say liberal blogs?

A review of some of the most liberal blogs in the universe makes me wonder – if Kevin Boyce is this despised by “progressives”, just who actually is going to vote for the guy?

Daily Kos Blog
When progressive Democrats should vote for the Republican – or the Corruption of Kevin Boyce

Many of Boyce’s shortcomings can be chalked up to incompetence and laziness; one could argue that these traits would have revealed themselves on the campaign trail and Boyce never would have been in a position to inflict the pains of his corrupt and dishonest leadership on the Buckeye electorate and specifically, Ohio progressives.

That’s why this progressive is joining the Editorial Boards of the Cleveland Plain Dealer (endorsed Barack Obama), Toledo Blade (a paper with a lefty reputation that was the only major Ohio publication to endorse progressive Sherrod Brown in 2006), and The Dayton Daily News (center-left by reputation) to tell you you absolutely should not vote for the corrupt pro-corporate Democrat, Kevin Boyce for Ohio Treasurer. You should support Republican Josh Mandel, or if you can’t stomach voting for a Republican–particularly after some of his despicable ads in this race–vote for the Libertarian candidate Matthew Cantrell.

This is big picture stuff. Kevin Boyce will only further destroy progressivism in Ohio with his dirty governing. We can’t let that happen. And anyway, with his history, I’m sure he’ll have no trouble getting his friends to appoint him to something above his pay grade when we clear his corruption from the Ohio Treasury.


Then there is…

MyDD Blog
Elect Good Progressives, Not Corrupt Pretenders Like Kevin Boyce

This is not the kind of Democrat we need in office killing our brand while partaking in corruption. If you live in Ohio, do us all a favor, don’t vote for Treasurer Kevin Boyce.

Killing your brand? Ow.

And finally…

Down with Tyranny Blog

Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce: Corrupt, Cowardly & Incompetent

Additionally, I have heard some even more distressing stories about Boyce’s intolerance. He once sat in a senior staff meeting while one of his staffers made a comment about “working harder than a Hebrew slave,” and when other senior staffers expressed dismay, simply chose to ignore it. He also once referred to his opponent at a fundraiser, Josh Mandel (another loser), as a “rich Jew,” after making sure there were no Jews in the room.

Members of the gay community have told me of his disgust for them and unwillingness to reach out, and he was even caught referring to one of his female staffers as a “loud, white woman.”

Ohio is an important state for a strong, progressive coalition going into the future. The corrupt, cowardly and incompetent Kevin Boyces of the world only degrade, water down, corrupt and destroy any chance we have of making that a reality. So get out there and vote for great progressive candidates, but if you are progressive, leave the Treasurer’s line blank. It will help the movement in the long run, and weed out another charlatan from those who will be there with us to fight the important fights. Remember, if this clown does get elected, it puts him in a position to run for governor or senator one day– and we have enough problems without adding that one!

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