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Wanna be a Field Marshal?

It only costs you $100 bucks.

Of course, for this rank you have to attach yourself to the Jennifer Brunner campaign.

Jesse over at Athens Runaway took the plunge over the weekend and checked out Brunner’s campaign site where the barely-breathing Senatorial candidate provides levels of support attached to dollar levels to contribute.

It was the top two that were the most strange. For $500 you could be a “Generalissimo” and for $100 you could be a “Field Marshal”.

As Jesse notes, attaching names to contribution levels is nothing new.

But what is new is using military ranks more closely associated with fascism and authoritarian dictatorships than fun, American identifiers like W’s “Rangers”.

With that said, who really cares? At this point it’s just more fun to take jabs at Brunner whose campaign more closely resembles Bruce “What do you mean I’ve been dead this whole time” Willis in The Sixth Sense than a Senatorial race.

Over the weekend she lost the endorsement of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to Lee Fisher, thereby driving what seems to be the 298th nail in her coffin. It isn’t exactly easy to lose the newspaper representing the entire Democratic base in Ohio and think you still have a shot.

Of course, it will remain close until Fisher throws a few advertisements up on the air statewide. Then watch as Brunner rides away into the sunset.

Maybe one of her Generalissimos (if there is more than one) can wait for her.

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