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We’re totally getting schnookered…

How much of this shit do people have to hear before they understand that we’re getting hoodwinked by a low-life? The answer: It doesn’t matter. My liberal officemate’s response to this article? “It’s nothing Republicans wouldn’t do.”

I know. I work with idiots.

But the fact is, Obama supporters are so overcome with a desire to win that they are willing to throw away any principle necessary. They are an electorate obsessed with false equivalency. But I digress…

From Ace of Spades:

“John Galt of Ayn Rand Lane (zip code: a nonexistent 99999) was able to donate [to Obama’s campaign through his web site] with no problem.

Despite the fact that the card holder’s name and address do not match the name he provided.

John McCain’s website? Rejected the same non-matching-information donation.

I guess when you’re gathering up tens of millions from the Saudis and Gazans you have to be a little lenient on matching up credit card donations.

Incidentally— when I fucking order cheesesteaks from my local deli, I get dinged when I forget my current zip code and give them my old one.

Again, though: If Obama were demanding that credit card information matched donor information, he couldn’t draw in $150 million largely from fraudulent overseas donors.

Anyone see a pattern? Jennifer Brunner isn’t bothered by “voters” with non-matchable information casting votes; Barack Obama doesn’t take the most basic safeguard of ensuring that a donor’s information matches the information on his credit card.

Try buying something anywhere with a credit card. You check to see if you can get away with entering false information about your name and address.

An automated check bounces all such attempts. Unless this safeguard has been specifically disabled.

And why would anyone do that?

I just can’t think of a single reason.”

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