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What I did on my Saturday afternoon.


That’s the only way I can describe the mess of a Strickland/Clinton rally that I decided to attend late this afternoon.

The event was supposed to start at 3:45 right outside Teamster HQ.

So, up I walked through what technically could be considered a gathering of people.

A crowd it was not.

Here are a few sample shots that I took right around 3:45, the time the rally was supposed to start, from various spots in the crowd.

I walked around a bit while we waited for the former President and the Governor to jump up on stage. And that’s when things got amusing.

After a few snarky tweets of mine, up came a Democratic volunteer/staffer/whatever asking me if I wanted to volunteer. I said no. He responded, “your readers may be interested in it.”

Ya know what? Those goofy kids on Team Strickland were so quick on the Twitter draw that not moments after I began tweeting from their event they had someone in the crowd looking for some blogger. Yours truly.

Paranoid much, fellas?

Maybe instead of worrying about the likes of me, they should have focused on doing some decent advance work and secured the Strickland/Brown sign on the front of the podium before their slate of statewide candidates took the stage.


What was most amazing was 20 minutes after the rally was supposed to start, I walked right up from the back of the rally site to the 2nd row so I could take that shot.

For pete’s sake, Clinton is supposed to be the most popular politician in America, and I’m able to walk right up to the 2nd row 20 minutes after the rally was to start? Yeesh.

Anyways. After becoming bored with the President’s speech I decided to walk back and check out the protestors chanting from across the street.

Between calls of “Mary Jo Must Go” and “Thanks for signing NAFTA, Bill!”, I couldn’t stop laughing.

That was until all the middle fingers and threats came from those leaving the rally early or sneaking from the back of their pack to give us some choice words. For being the Party of Tolerance, they need some sensitivity training.

After approximately the 297th minute, or at least it felt like it, of Clinton’s speech, it was time to pack up and go do some GOTV and write up this post.

Overall, I was underwhelmed with the crowd, its enthusiasm, and Team Strickland’s advance work. I was amazed at their sensitivity to a lone blogger and a few scrappy protestors.

But what fun this was. It’s good to be home in the Buckeye State.

Welcome to 3BP!

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