When Haley Barbour talks campaign strategy, you listen.

Yesterday, RGA Chairman, Mississippi Governor, and architect of the ’94 GOP revolution had this to say about the November election:

“…the environment today is better for Republicans in January of 2010 than it was in January of 1994,” he added. “The important thing I told them was that while today the environment is better than it was in ’94, the elections aren’t for 10 months. Lots can change, and they need to be thinking that nothing is carved in stone.”

He’s right. It’s easy to get overconfident.

Additionally, the numbers that have looked so good the past couple months are bound to tighten. And when they tighten, the media will likely cover it as a rebound for Democrats. And when the public buys into a Democrat rebound, well then anything can happen.

The lesson? Keep fighting the good fight. And don’t relent.