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Where in the hell have they been….33 and a 1/3…

3BP continues our review of the Tour de McCainobamACORN!!!

In review…in order to determine where the candidates think this race will be won, we have to review two things…1) where the money is going and 2) where the candidates are going. Since others are taking it upon themselves to follow the money, I’ll focus on following the candidates.

For our purposes, we’ll worry less about the dates the candidates travelled and more about quantity of days spent and where they were. Oftentimes candidates had more than one rally in a state, and in those instances time in the state was only counted once (provided it was all on the same day). So as you read our listing below, each time a state is listed that means one day spent there by the candidate. Time spent in non-swing states for non-media purposes(such as fundraising) is not counted. Tracking continues this week beginning on Tuesday, October 21st through today…Friday, October 24th. The data is obtained via Mark Halperin’s daily blog.

As you’ll recall from last time, the two sides were both running pretty solidly offense versus defense. The Dems had been able to focus all their energy on states they DON’T need to win. McCain/Palin, on the other hand, needed to maintain most of their focus on defending the red states.

So onto the board…

Obama: FL, VA, IN
Biden: CO(x 2), NC, WV

McCain: PA, NH, OH, FL, CO
Palin: NV, OH(x 2), PA, MO

Well what have we learned this time. First off, remember Biden was put in the timeout box by his boss for one day for his repeated slip-ups. Also, Obama took Thursday and Friday off in order to head to Hawaii to hang with his hip Grandma. Sooo because of that we don’t get as much data as our last review from the Dems. With that being said we can tell Obama is a cocky SOB…of course, that’s nothing new. But having Biden visit West Virginia? Seriously. What a waste of time. But once again, Obama is all offense. And for the first time in this review, they aren’t back defending PA. Biden was sent to hit up Colorado. A good move. That’s closer than many seem to think.

As for McCain/Palin…it’s been a very aggressive 4 days. Nevada and Colorado finally got some more attention. Hopefully that wraps up Nevada and we don’t have to go back. The PA offensive does continue. As has been widely reported, this is being hailed as McCain’s last desperate attempt to win in case he loses Virginia, Ohio or Colorado. I’m still not sure I buy it…but as I’ve said before, the time/money they’ve spent there the last couple weeks shows they see something we don’t. And someon…please….tell McCain to quit going to NH.

‘Til next time.

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