"Where’s your Moses now?" Part 2

That line from the Ten Commandments is just too perfect, I gotta use it again for this post.

Another Afghanistan story caught my eye as it highlights yet more hypocrisy from the Obama Administration and, if they support such an effort, the left.

From The Guardian:

The US is seeking to extend its control over the day-to-day running of Afghanistan with the appointment of an international “high representative” in Kabul in an attempt to bypass Hamid Karzai’s much-criticised government.

The initiative, being pushed by the US special envoy, Richard Holbrooke, has caused a split between Washington and its closest Nato allies, who believe it could further undermine the Afghan president’s legitimacy and the United Nations’ role in the country.

Wasn’t it liberals that kept scolding the Bush Administration and its supporters for what they falsely interpreted as attempting to set-up a shadow government that controlled Iraq?

And yet, here we are with Obama not even trying that hard to hide it from sight.

Unfortunately, we have to rely on a British paper to provide us the story.

If true, this goes beyond all that Obama claimed to be in 2008.

And those that supported him have to be wondering how much more they’ll have to continue rationalizing their support of his Administration.