"Where’s your Moses now?" Part 3

When I started writing today’s posts, I had no idea they would have a theme based on one of the most ridiculously read lines in cinema history.

But man, when it rains, it pours.

And this time, it’s a failure of a nature much more personal to many on the left.

AIDS funding.

…the Obama administration is facing large criticism from global AIDS and Africa solidarity organizations – today smacking the White House with a D+ rating on the work President Obama has done so far in office.

“With new data showing that worldwide the number one killer of women of reproductive age is HIV, aggressive scale up of AIDS treatment is needed more than ever for the health of communities,” said Asia Russell, Health GAP Director of International Policy. “We are disappointed to report that on his first World AIDS Day in office, President Obama has not made good on his promises to increase funding for effective, life saving programs to fight AIDS around the world.”

Considering the enormous amount of credit President Bush received for what he did for victims of AIDS worldwide, and especially in Africa, this has to come as quite a shock for Obama supporters.

But hey, at least it wasn’t an F, right fellas?