Whilst working nonstop on the budget during this impasse, the gov takes time to stop and smell the rosé…..

Apparently the Ballad of Jello Ted couldn’t have been more prophetic.

Not one day after our latest youtube calling out the Governor for not living up to his own promises the last time he demanded the legislature join him in focusing on the budget, yesterday Jello Ted was busy doing this….

At the state capitol Claudio Salvador, president of Sandusky’s Specialty Wine Company, (SWC), importers of fine wine, www.specialtywineco.com, captivates Ohio Governor Ted Strickland with his ambitious, week long, five-city trade tour with three of Italy’s leading wine producers.

Governor, you’re really bad at this.

And for his staff, you have got to be kidding me. Don’t you know any better? You don’t have to let everyone in the front door of the Governor’s office. Images do matter. And so do perceptions. Clearly, Ted Strickland doesn’t want to be taken seriously.