Who’s in charge over there?

Back in September I took an in-depth look at the September Quinnipiac poll of the Ohio Governor’s race. In it, I discussed the challenge Kasich faces in regards to his lack of name ID relative to Governor Strickland.

In concluding the post, I wrote the following:

The Kasich formula for victory over the next nearly 14 months is simple: 1) Define yourself before Ted Strickland does it for you; 2) Increase name recognition and build confidence among the base and Independents by providing common sense solutions to what ills Ohio; 3) Target Democrats and Independents to reinforce their perception of Strickland’s failures.

For this post, I’d like to focus on #1, “Define yourself before Ted Strickland does it for you.”

For Kasich, it’s one of the most challenging aspects of the campaign. There are three ways to increase name ID. Grassroots(read: door-to-door/phone calls/social media) efforts, earned media, and paid media. Grassroots is done by implementing a massive effort among GOP activists. Earned media is done by getting your name in the papers. Paid media is done by picking just the right time to invest some of your hard-earned fundraising dollars on TV, mail, and other media.

In other words, it’s complicated.

With that in mind, you’d assume the Ohio Democratic Party would be aggressively working to define Kasich to the electorate first.

Not so much.

At least if you look at their website.

In both their blog and Latest News section, Kasich is mentioned a grand total of two times since November 9th. For some reason they seem to have wiped everything prior to 11/9.

Twice. In nearly two months.

Now, I hate to give the Ohio Democrats advice here, but this just seemed too amazing to not mention.

Defining an opponent to the voting public before he has a chance to define himself is a very simple campaign tactic.

The only semi-rational reason I can imagine for them to keep quiet is because they’ve seen polls showing Kasich has a low name ID and they don’t want to help him out any.

Well, in the latest Rasmussen poll, Kasich’s name ID still isn’t too great and he’s up by 9 on the Governor.

Come on, Chairman Redfern. Step it up.

6 thoughts on “Who’s in charge over there?”

  1. The ODP has a tough needle to thread in that they have to increase Strickland’s name recognition, as well– I doubt that 1/2 the people that voted for him even know his name– while at the same time convincing people that he really hasn’t been governor for the past 3 years. The latter is probably easier given his rocking fetal position style of leadership.

  2. Modern,

    I don’t think you get the point.

    It doesn’t matter if they are redesigning their website.

    That doesn’t change the fact that they haven’t made any substantive effort to define Kasich.

    They’ve been updating semi-regularly since 11/9, and yet only two posts about the Republican.

    Want to blame it on the redesign? Fine. But if you’re gonna do that you should be upset that the redesign wasn’t done months ago so they could have been moving forward with what they SHOULD be doing right now.

    It’s an absolute fail on the part of the ODP.

  3. A fair point, Anonymous.

    But unfortunately for the Dems, they haven’t publicized, linked, tweeted, whatever about it since John announced way back in June.

    Heck, the site isn’t even linked on the ODP site from what I can tell.

    That’s my whole point. They aren’t even trying.

    Downright strange.

  4. That’s also because nobody is paying attention to Kasich right now… When we hit the primary season, he’ll get smack around…
    for his flip-flop on casinos, his unpaid tax promises, his failed and unpopular spending cuts he supported in Congress.

    Oh, don’t you worry, we’ll be defining Kasich plenty next year and reveal him to be just as radical and out of touch as Ken Blackwell was just plenty.

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