Why are Democrats losing the Stimulus debate?



Facts are why the public perception of the economy and the stimulus is where it now stands.

The AP took a peek at an enormous aspect of the stimulus yesterday. And this is what they found:

Not exactly the kind of headline the White House loves to see. And with every headline like this, the public perception of failure is further reinforced.

But that won’t stop the Obama White House. After all, the easiest way to change data in your favor is to change how it’s measured.

And that’s just what the White House did:

ProPublica notes that in a little-noticed memo from the Office of Management and Budget, the Obama administration “will no longer keep a cumulative tally of jobs created and saved by the economic stimulus” funding.

Instead, “it will count any person who works on a project funded with stimulus money — even if that person was never in danger of losing his or her job.”

And to think, they’ll get away with this.

Hope and Change.

6 thoughts on “Why are Democrats losing the Stimulus debate?”

  1. If you read in the article is says one of the reasons the impacts is not measureable is the package was too small. Economist like Reich and others said it needed to be bigger. What the R’s solution to the problem? Tax cuts? The stimulus bill was the largest single tax cut in history.

  2. LOL. When a Dem/Liberal program doesn’t work it is either (a) not enough or (b) the right people weren’t doing it.

    When has a Keynesian spending scheme ever worked?

  3. Ah Scarlet, good too know that you use the Glenn Beck school of refuting points. When someone makes one that is remotely valid, start name calling..

    Where was all of this outrage when GWB bailed out the banks in September of 08? Oh thats right, a plan the GOP launches is always right, oh and it took care of rich white people…

  4. Name calling? Where?

    And then you play the race card?

    Bailouts are different than the so-called Stimulus. That being said, W’s approach to the banking collapse was not what I thought was needed. Something similar to the Resolution Trust Corporation would have been a better solution.

    The “Stimulus” was a tax cut? Please elaborate.

    I’ll ask again:

    When has a Keynesian spending scheme ever worked?

  5. The “race card” was brought in to bring up the point that most sane people knew that the economy was in the toilet, and we had to deal with people like Bush and McCain stating that the “fundamentals of the economy are strong.” It wasn’t until rich white people started losing money that ANYONE on Capital Hill started to notice.

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