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Why target Fox News?

The Obama White House has set its sights on Fox News.

They are next in line in a series of enemies targeted by the White House.

You’ll remember this gem 3BP created after Rush Limbaugh became the enemy du jour of the White House back in the early parts of the Obama Presidency:

Well, now it’s the turn of Fox News. And why…?

It’s simple, and said much better by the great Rich Galen than it ever could by me:

The Democratic base is disenchanted with the Obama Presidency – even Saturday Night Live has decided Obama’s stature has been sufficiently diminished that they can do a skit about how he hasn’t accomplished any of the major goals he ran on.

The war in Afghanistan is a huge problem with the Liberal base, and Obama’s apparent inability (and/or unwillingness) to hold Congressional Democrats’ feet to the political fire over a public option in the health care debate is further causing head-scratching among that group.

Add to that, he hasn’t paid off on “card-check” which he promised unions, and has limited his support for gay rights to speeches and dinners, and you can see why his polling numbers have settled in at just above 50 percent mark.

So, the Administration has decided to start a fight to re-energize the base. It doesn’t do any good to fight with someone who is not worthy, if you want to make this strategy work you have to have the fight with someone your base already knows – and already hates.

Fox News Channel fits that bill.

As Galen points out, this really is nothing new. Another President did it, but he got in trouble for it.

His name? Richard Nixon.

Welcome to 3BP!

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