With visions of Dick Cheney dancing in their heads…

You can’t be serious.

Ohio youth turkey hunters can enter to win a dream hunt with Gov. Ted Strickland or nationally-known hunting guides during the Governor’s Celebrity and Youth Turkey Hunt, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.


Nine lucky Ohio youth hunters will be able to participate in this annual turkey hunt on May 8. The specific location of the hunt will be announced later. A parent or guardian must accompany the young hunter for the overnight trip, but will not be a participant of the hunt.

[sarcasm font on] I can only imagine the thousands of entries they’ll have for this contest.

It’s well known that every Ohio boy and girl grows up dreaming of going camping and hunting with this guy.[/sarcasm font off]

On a side note, why in the hell are Ohioans paying for this nonsense?