Yost is staying put.

A conservative Ohio blogger recently pushed a rumor via twitter that Dave Yost was considering ending campaign operations.

Well, I decided to ask the man himself.

Yost’s response? “Absolutely untrue.”

Yes, Yost’s campaign to defeat Mike DeWine is quite a hill to climb, but that’s why we have primaries – to battle it out and determine who the voters wants to have as their nominee.

Both candidates have their own specific obstacles to overcome – and both would be better than Richard Cordray.

It’s my hope that both will see it through until the May primary, and that all Republicans can unite behind their candidate, whomever it may be.

8 thoughts on “Yost is staying put.”

  1. We must help Dave Yost.

    If DeWine wins the primary, I will vote for Cordray in November, my first ever vote for a Democrat.

    Anyone who values the 2nd amendment will do the same.

  2. To be fair, you may want to research Cordray on the Brady Bill.

    If Ohio wants an AG who cares for the 2nd amendment, Yost is their guy.

    Cordray is NOT a friend of gun owners.

  3. I’d really like to know what the truth is with Yost’s campaign. I’m trying to persuade the 1,107 members of the Buckeye Firearms Association to kick in money so we can bundle together a substantial contribution: $20-50K if possible.

    No point in us doing it if he’s going to fold his tent shortly.

  4. Michael, not sure how to be more clear about this. Yost himself said he’s going nowhere. I spoke with him just this past week about a number of issues regarding his campaign, including fundraising strategy.

    Other than a blogger bringing it up for no documented reason, there is no reason to think Yost is going anywhere.

  5. I believe you. I just don’t want to get this ball rolling and end up looking like a sap.

    Would $20-50K (or more) make much of a difference for Yost right now? Would it let him do some media to get some name recognition statewide?

    The gun rights community will go to the wall for this guy if they know what’s at stake. There’s no way they’ll vote for DeWine in the primary or general. We just have to light a fire under them now so they’ll part with some cash.

  6. Yep. It would absolutely make a difference.

    And now would be the time to do it.

    Also, even if the 2nd Amendment activists aren’t fans of DeWine, I’d be amazed if they’d consider supporting Cordray. His record supporting, and fighting for in court, the Brady Bill, can’t be discounted. He’s not pro-gun.

  7. Absolutely we are in agreement that Yost is our man.

    But sorry, I am not buying that DeWine and Cordray are the same on gun rights. Its just not true at all.

    DeWine has an “F” rating from the NRA. Cordray has an “A”.

    DeWine is proud of being a gun grabber.

    Cordray has filed an amicus brief to SCOTUS in defense of the 2A in the McDonald v. Chicago case.

    If DeWine wins, I will vote for Cordray, and encourage other republicans to do the same. We don’t need to give DeWine a stepping stone back into the Senate or the governors mansion, either.

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