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Many of you have been watching Greta’s show on Fox in the run up to the election. If so, you’ve seen a lot of focus on the mess that is voting in Ohio. Our friends at Palestra have done a great job of investigating the election fraud that Democrats are committing in the Buckeye state. Lately, they’ve been tracking down Obama campaign employees who may have voted in Ohio but aren’t legal residents. These folks are just working in Ohio for a couple months then heading straight back home on November 5th. Palestra nailed about a dozen of them last week. These folks pulled their votes and the Obama campaign said they were advising others about the law… but when Palestra checked with other counties they found no one who had pulled any votes from any counties other than…yep, you guessed it…Franklin and Knox County…the exact places where Palestra called them out. So basically, it looks like tObama employees will pull their votes if Palestra/Fox News identifies them…but that’s it.

Who are these guys? Well how about Zachary Cafritz?

Zachary Cafritz is the son of Washington, D.C. real estate developer, Conrad Cafritz, and who’s who A-lister, Peggy Cooper Cafritz. His grandfather, Morris, helped shape the capital as we know it. Morris Cafritz became one of Washington’s leading residential and commercial real estate magnates in the early 1920s. Since then, the Cafritz clan has stapled themselves into Washington’s elite social scene.

Washington, D.C. voter registration records show Zachary registered to vote in 2003 and last voted during the Potomac Primaries, February 12, 2008. Status listed: Active. Party Affilliation: Democrat.

Zachary’s new home and his family legacy link him to our nation’s capital. But in the 2008 General Election, Zachary voted in Ohio.

According to Franklin County records, Zachary registered to vote September 9, 2008. He went to Veterans Memorial polling place and cast an early absentee ballot on October 4. Zachary registered using the address: 345 N Ardmore Road, Columbus, Ohio. However, the Franklin County auditor’s records show this property belongs to Gerard Charles and Catherine Yoshimura.

Our friends at Palestra are working hard to expose even more of these frauds. They have the FEC records on hand. All they have to do is match up the Obama employees with registration records here in Ohio. It’s tedious work, but someone has to do it…even if it’s not the mainstream media.

The warning is out, fake Buckeyes. Pull your registration now….or get exposed. And not in a sexy way.

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