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Zack Space, you aren’t very good at this.

Being a Congressman, that is.

Via WMD:

Congressman Zack Space may soon regret an offhand comment he made in a provocative statement on September 2nd concerning a local activist.

On Wednesday, Thornville resident David Daubenmire was on Fox News channel’s “America’s Newsroom” with Megyn Kelly. Daubenmire is a local football coach at Fairfield Christian Academy. He has been sleeping on the sidewalk outside Democrat Representative Zack Space’s office in protest of the Congressman’s refusal to hold a town hall meeting for his constituents in southeast Ohio.

In the interview with Daubenmire, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly read the following statement which came from Rep. Zack Space’s office:

“Coach doesn’t comprehend reality. The rain or fatigue must be getting to Mr. Daubenmire. There was a town hall meeting yesterday five blocks from where he is setting up camp featuring Secretary of Energy Tom Vilsack, Senator Brown and Congressman Space. It had been publicized for days by all offices. If it was “secretive,” then more than 300 people found out the secret, including a number of Mr. Daubenmire’s teabagger colleagues who were there and talked to the Congressman.”

Local small business owner Darin Hill took offense to Space’s remarks.

“The unmitigated gall of Mr. Space’s comments is shameful,” says Darin Hill, owner of Hillsway Ag and Turf in Gratiot, Ohio. “Those words are disrespectful, condescending, and more than that, they’re dishonest. Mr. Space is completely misrepresenting the event. The meeting with Secretary Vilsack was not billed as a town hall. It was explicitly addressing the concerns of farmers and our district’s agricultural industry. If Representative Space hosted a true town hall, a lot more than 300 people would have shown up.”

Out of curiousity, I did a google search looking for announcements of the event on the newswires and I checked out Space’s own congressional website.

Guess what I found.

That’s right. Nothing.

In fact, here is the screencap of Space’s press releases. As you’ll note, there is nothing announcing the event featuring Tom Vilsack that took place on August 31st.

I’d imagine if Space actually wanted constituents to attend, he’d make the event known on his website.

[sidenote: While looking for articles on the event, I came across one from the Zanesville paper. I got a kick out of this portion of the article: After the town hall meeting, when Vilsack was asked what the biggest problem is facing Southeastern Ohio his answer was short and simple. “Three words: Jobs jobs and jobs.” Apparently Vilsack didn’t get the memo from Strickland’s office that Dems in Ohio are supposed to avoid job talk and focus on education.]

Also, misrepresenting the event as a town hall rather than the agricultural event that it was is just embarrassing.

Finally, a congressional office lowering itself to using terms like “teabagging” in any way, let alone an official release, is downright pathetic.

Zack Space is a disgrace.

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