• Armond Budish says his $8 billion shortfall budget qualifies him to be County Exec

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    Photo credit: Jay LaPrete, Associated Press

    Photo credit: Jay LaPrete, Associated Press

    Remember four years ago when Ohio’s state budget left an $8 billion shortfall going into the next budget? That team used all kinds of tricks to “balance” the budget, including over $4 billion in Obama stimulus funds that were supposed to fund infrastructure.

    Ted Strickland gets most of the blame, but he had a willing partner. Democratic State Rep. Armond Budish was the Speaker of the Ohio House that year. Now, as Ed Fitzgerald’s handpicked successor, Budish is running for Cuyahoga County Executive. (You know, that job that Ed Fitzgerald doesn’t want anymore.)

    Budish is running against Republican Jack Schron, CEO of Jergens Inc., a manufacturer that provides hundreds of jobs for northeast Ohioans. Jack is also a 28-year Army veteran, retiring at the rank of Lt. Colonel.

    Jack knows how budgets work. Armond Budish knows how to wreck them.

    During their City Club debate the candidates were asked about what experiences prepared them to handle Cuyahoga’s $1.3 billion budget.

    Budish responded that he was

    • An entrepreneur – True, he has a publicly funded infomercial and a four person law firm.
    • “in charge of constructing a $50 billion budget.” – Also true, but what was the result of that budget?
      • An $8 billion shortfall for the next administration to fix
      • 350,000 lost jobs on his and Ted Strickland’s watch
      • 89 cents left in the state’s rainy day fund

    Why would Budish claim one of Ohio’s biggest failures as an example of his leadership? I don’t know.

    But according to the Plain Dealer, apparently even Democrats were so flabbergasted with his remarks that they’re jumping ship and supporting Jack Schron. The ending to that story is Armond did such a good job as Speaker that his party lost the House, and every other statewide seat that his Party held – not to mention wreak havoc on Ohio’s economy.

    Watch Armond claim responsibility for yourself.

    And get this: According to the Plain Dealer, if Budish wins the County Executive race, he may even ditch that post and run for governor in four years, just like Ed Fitzgerald.


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