Ohio poll: Kasich approval falls, Trump more popular; Mandel slight lead over Brown

Gravis Marketing has published a new poll and it contains bad news for Governor John Kasich. It appears that his approval rating has taken a huge hit as a result of his weeks-long 2020 presidential campaign book tour out of state, combined with his insufferable preaching about how he was the only reasonable alternative to Trump.

AP photo
AP photo

Kasich’s approval in Ohio is now down to 42%. Compare that to 50s at various points in 2016 and record high 60s in 2015.

The same poll found President Trump at 49% approval in Ohio.

Kasich’s faltering approval in Ohio could be due to several factors, including:

  • The jobs Kasich promised for years never arrived. The governor loves to talk about all the jobs regained since the recession, but he always implies that those are part of an “Ohio Miracle”. Its a lie, because every state in the union has regained jobs since then. But under Kasich’s leadership, Ohio’s job growth can’t even outperform the national average.
  • Kasich is now a part-time governor, flying all over the country to do interviews about his book and telling an adoring media how he is the only reasonable Republican left. In fact, he is literally “phoning it in”.

    From Darrell Rowland: “These phones do work all the way back to Ohio,” Kasich told The Dispatch in — yes — a phone interview on his way to a CNN appearance Monday in New York City. He noted his next call was with his budget director, Tim Keen.

  • His enormous ego is now on full display. From the same Dispatch interview, Kasich said,

    “I think I helped Ohio when I ran for president. People are proud of Ohio. They learned a lot about Ohio,” Kasich said. “The message that I have I think is a very good message and a very positive message for the country,” he said. “And I don’t think it should be just confined to the state of Ohio.”

    Reminiscent of Barack Obama, there are a lot of Is in that statement. The governor wants us to believe that he doesn’t need to be in Ohio doing his job, because getting his message out to the country is more important. The country needs John Kasich so bad, you see. Never mind that he had a chance to do that for months during his presidential campaign. People didn’t want to hear it then, so why would they want to hear it now?

    More narcissistic is his assertion that people are now proud of Ohio because of him.

Other tidbits in the poll are that Josh Mandel has a slight lead, 45/42 over Senator Sherrod Brown, whereas Congressman Pat Tiberi is slightly behind Brown at 41/43.

Attorney General Mike Dewine is leading the pack of candidates in the primary to succeed Kasich. DeWine registers at 31% with Secretary of State Jon Husted at 14%, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor at 10% and Congressman Jim Renacci at 6%. 40% are uncertain.

Even more wide open is the Democratic primary. Connie Pillich, Joe Schiavoni and Betty Sutton are all declared candidates, but they are all bunched around 10% with 2/3 of Dem voters undecided. There is also speculation that Rich Cordray will enter the race.

Renacci points to Ohio’s sub-par job growth under Kasich

UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 16: Rep. Jim Renacci, R-Ohio, takes questions at a campaign stop at the Timken Company, which manufactures bearings, alloy steel, and other heavy manufacturing equipment. Renacci is in a tight campaign for Ohio's 16th district against his Democratic rival, Rep. Betty Sutton. (Photo by Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call)
Rep. Jim Renacci (Photo by Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call)

Last night, Ohio Governor John Kasich gave his State of the State speech for 2017. We didn’t watch it. We’ve heard it all before and the Indians were on TV. However, somebody who wants Kasich’s job DID watch it, Congressman Jim Renacci.

Renacci wasn’t too impressed. He sent out a campaign email today that raised our eyebrows.


We heard last night that Ohio has made some progress in recent years and that we can look forward to an era when technological innovations change our daily lives.

The reality though is that far too many families and businesses across our state continue to struggle as Ohio faces its slowest job growth in nearly a decade. In fact, our leaders have recently cautioned that our state is on the verge of a recession.

This is why I’m running for Governor.


The governor and his team surely won’t like that one. Add Congressman Renacci to the ever-growing list of “bit players”. (We are all proud bit players here at 3BP). Unfortunately for Team Kasich, I suspect we’ll hear more of this kind of talk from the gubernatorial candidates from both parties.


Ohio Gov. John Kasich – Photo by Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty

Because Ohio’s job growth isn’t good. It has trailed the national average for years. John Kasich came into power in 2011 and shook up Ohio’s economic development agency, promising that privatizing it would give Ohio an advantage over other states and that superior job growth would follow. We were on board. Unfortunately, it hasn’t turned out that way at all, and it became obvious that Kasich’s governorship was just a stepping stone in his presidential campaign.

How bad has Ohio’s job growth been? According to economist George Zeller, Ohio has trailed the national average in job growth for 51 straight months. And all along, Governor Kasich has been telling the nation that he should be president because he engineered the great “Ohio Miracle”.

This is not an endorsement of Renacci, but as a long time business owner, he is unique among the expected Republican candidates. Time will tell if he and the others continue to run against Governor Kasich’s job record.

Zawistowski still fancies himself relevant, pleads with Trump

Ohio tea party leader and clown Tom Zawistowski is still at it. He still writes open letters to politicians as if he matters. He publishes them as if he has an iota of influence. He doesn’t.

He once promised that Governor John Kasich would lose reelection in 2014. He proceeded to recruit a number of laughable candidates to run against the governor. He said he had the organization to propel them to victory in the primary against Kasich. He couldn’t even get them on the ballot.

That year he also aimed to knock off a couple dozen other incumbents in that year’s primary. Once again, he bragged about the strength of his “organization”.

Can you feel the Panic in the Political Establishment???

Can you feel the change coming? Can you feel the power of the people surging? Can you sense the panic from the political establishment?
Have you heard about Shannon Jones begging RINO Senate Leader Keith Faber for more money for mailings this week because she is afraid of Kelly Kohl’s? Have you heard about the poll in the 8th Congressional district that shows John Boehner below 50% in his race against J.D. Winteregg? Do you know that Union backed RINO Dave Joyce in NEOhio is only at 35% in the polls and fighting for his life against Matt Lynch? 

Our “sweat equity” will beat their money…

He failed in spectacular fashion. He always does. No one in politics “panics” when Tom Z. opens his big mouth. They just laugh.

He promoted Lynch against Dave Joyce again in 2016. I’ll let you guess what the result was.

So here we are now, and just as I suspected would happen, President Donald Trump has stabbed conservatives in the back. The repeal of Obamacare couldn’t get enough votes. Instead of taking some of the responsibility for this failure (he said it would be easy and fast, remember?), he blamed everyone around him except himself. It’s what Trump does.

But then today, he actually called out the House Freedom Caucus by name in another one of his ill-advised tweets.

Poor Tom. He jumped on the Trump train during the primary and now Trump is stabbing him in the back.

So he penned one of his open letters to Trump. It’s pathetic.

Dear Mr. President,

We, the undersigned conservative leaders in the swing state of Ohio, voted for you and worked hard to bring others to the polls to elect you last November. We want to see you succeed in Making America Great Again! We appreciate much of what you have already done in the first few months of your administration.

However, we respectfully ask you to stand with our conservative heroes in the Freedom Caucus, along with other conservatives in the House and Senate. These patriots are working to keep the campaign promises that you–and they–made to us.

Please work with members of the Freedom Caucus, not against them, to ensure you are all successful in keeping your campaign promises and “draining the swamp.” Mr. President, we are praying for your success as you work to rebuild our nation.

Yes, Tom. That should do it. I’m sure Trump is reading your letter over and over again, undecided on what to do next. I bet he read your letter and is racked with guilt over his tweet.

Well, Trump did tweet later after Tom published his letter. Let’s see what he said.

Can you feel the panic in the Trump administration? Can you feel the change coming?

Leaked: Team Kasich plans revenge on Mary Taylor for not endorsing Borges

Three weeks ago, before the vote for ORP Chairman, we told you that Lt. Governor Mary Taylor had actually not endorsed Matt Borges, even though she had been listed as one of his endorsers.

Borges ended up losing that vote and the chairmanship. Now, the governor’s staff and close supporters want to take it out on Mary Taylor. WOIO’s Paul Orlousky has obtained a leaked strategy memo which details a plan to ruin Taylor’s possible run for the governorship in 2018.


Its not known who the author is, but he accuses Taylor of “double-crossing Kasich in his most vulnerable moment” and says “she is no friend of John Kasich’s”.

Unfortunately, this episode fits a pattern of bullying from the governor’s office. After sticking up for John Kasich for years and defending him at every turn, she actually chose to make her own decision for once. That’s all that was needed for them to put her on their enemies list.

Team Kasich’s hatred for Secretary of State Jon Husted is also on display in this memo. It appears that their biggest fear is that Husted could be Ohio’s next governor, somehow threatening Kasich’s legacy.

They need to realize that Kasich has already written his legacy. What will people remember him for? Forcing Medicaid expansion on Ohio, declaring that anyone who opposed him was destined for Hell, a failed presidential campaign that he wouldn’t quit, being absent at the GOP Convention being held in his home state and trying to convince a new Republican Congress to keep his precious Medicaid expansion.

Jon Husted told The Plain Dealer’s Henry Gomez that the memo evidenced backroom discussions that are “a very disrespectful way to treat Mary Taylor, the sitting lieutenant governor.”

The most ironic part of the memo states that “they are already using the party as a weapon”. This is from the team who engineered a bully campaign to take over the party shortly after Kasich’s first election, for the sole purpose of turning it into a campaign organization for his secretly planned presidential run.

It will be interesting to see if Governor Kasich follows through on his allies’ recommendations for retribution.

This Ohio church saves people from addiction. Now they need your help.

It’s hard to watch the local news today without hearing a lot about the heroin epidemic that is sweeping the country. It is especially bad here in Ohio. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about the inner city, the suburbs or the rural areas of Ohio. It’s everywhere.

With all of the bad news coming with this subject, you can still find some good news and inspiring stories. Check out the story of the in the video below, from here in Lorain County.


What a powerful story.

He had been to government sponsored rehab for his addiction over and over and over and over again. And he had failed every time.

He finally lost his wife, and then his freedom as well. After getting out of prison, he went back to the drugs even harder than before.

Finally, another man reached out to him. A man who ran a faith-based program got involved in his life. He’s been clean ever since, reunited with his wife and spends time with his kids every day. Instead of getting high.

Beyond the Walls Church, Elyria Ohio - Third Base Politics Photo
Beyond the Walls Church, Elyria Ohio – Third Base Politics Photo

Within an hour of watching this video, I found myself at Beyond the Walls Church in Elyria. After reading more and why they need help (which I’ll get to shortly), I had to see it with my own eyes and made the short drive to check it out.

Paul Grodell from the video is the head pastor of Beyond the Walls Church. He doesn’t look like the stereotypical pastor. He looks like he should be leading a motorcycle gang instead of a church. But he saves lives.

How do they do it?

They call their program “Creation House”. It’s not a quick fix, but other faith-based that are similar to this have an 80% success rate, much much higher than government and traditional rehab programs. This is how it works.

Creation House first and foremost is a HOME. The most important facet of any home is the foundation. We believe that a Faith Based, Christ centered Home is the answer to the breakdown of the family, and the dynamics as well as the struggles that come with it.
There are 3 Phases that are implemented when a candidate enters Creation House, and they are part of our Mission Statement.

Reach the Lost, Restore the Broken, and Release the New Creation

The Introductory Phase – whether we go out to the streets, under bridges, in abandoned homes or someone comes to us, we accept them as they are, right where they are at.

Phase I: Introductory Phase (First 4 months) REACH
Candidates should enter Creation House with the understanding that after the Intake Process and the Conduct Agreement that they are HOME! This home is a faith based program that teaches biblical principles through group and individual studies. The core of this phase is the mentoring that takes place on a daily basis. We call it the Paul & Timothy ministry for the men and Naomi and Ruth ministry for the woman.

Phase II: Training & Teaching (Next 4 months) RESTORE
This portion of the ministry is vital as it uncovers behavior patterns that held the candidate in destructive cycles and the life of addiction. The Training & Teaching program helps the candidate to get a biblical view of why they were created and the purpose and vocation in their life.

Phase III: New Creation (Last 4 Months) RELEASE
Planning for the Exodus! In the last four months of the program, the candidate plans out a reintegration back into society. The candidate can begin the process of looking for employment via internet, phone interviews, transportation, home church, a place to live and most of all an accountability partner. Putting into practice what has been learned in the previous eight months.Creation House first and foremost is a HOME. The most important facet of any home is the foundation. We believe that a Faith Based, Christ centered Home is the answer to the breakdown of the family, and the dynamics as well as the struggles that come with it.

Just last year, the church bought an old school building for $50,000, with plans to use it to greatly expand their ability to help the addicted and the homeless. It will be the new Creation House.

Being under 45 minutes from Cleveland, Beyond the Walls got a special visitor in July. When House Speaker Paul Ryan was in town for the Republican National Convention was in town, he headed to Creation House for what he called his “most important meeting of the convention.”

Read more about Speaker Ryan’s dedication to this issue here and here. He has a plan to fight poverty and addiction, and part of it includes removing government barriers, allowing more indigenous programs like Beyond the Walls to sprout and operate.

Ryan says his plan would create more places Beyond the Walls that can help people recover from addiction, a problem both parties have identified this year as one that must be solved.

“What we are trying to do is get rid of those barriers in society to make sure more of this can happen,” Ryan said.

This old school building will become the new Creation House - Third Base Politics photo
This old school building will become the new Creation House – Third Base Politics photo

Unbelievably, the city of Elyria is actually adding barriers, not getting rid of them. You would think that the city would do everything it could to help them. Instead, Elyria has tried to shut them down.

The building was safe enough for children, but not safe enough for adults. At least, that’s what the local code enforcement officer said.

But that isn’t what Paul Grodell was told when he and his ministry first purchased the old abandoned school building. They were ready to transform the 62,000-square-foot eyesore into a church and a recovery home for opioid addicts—something the impoverished and heroin-infested city of Elyria, Ohio, desperately needed.

So what’s the problem?

“They eventually told us the building met state requirements for a school,” Grodell said, “but now that we changed the use of the building to a place of worship, it changed all the fire code violations.”

As recently as 2009, the school had housed more than 1,000 young children. But according to the code enforcement officer, the building was no longer “safe” by state standards, even though nothing about the building had changed. And the explanation for the last-minute new requirements was even more baffling to Grodell.

“They told us their reasoning for requiring all this work is because they taught the children fire drills a couple times a year, so the kids would know how to get out of a burning building,” Grodell said. “But I guess they think grown adults wouldn’t be able to figure it out.”

The cost for updating the building—which must include dozens of new doors, new walls, new fire alarms (even though the current system works just fine) and a whole assortment of confusing bureaucratic mandates—adds up to about $75,000.

The church already needed hundreds of thousands to totally convert the large 3-story portion of the school into dozens of dormitories for the people they are treating. But then, the city came and kicked them out of the 1-story portion of the school where they held their worship services.

Beyond the Walls Church, Elyria Ohio - Third Base Politics Photo
Beyond the Walls Church, Elyria Ohio – Third Base Politics Photo

They were forced to put up tents and hold services in the parking lot. And it further delays them from being able to treat more people who need it.


They now have a temporary permit and are back in the building with some temporary measures. But they are still far from the $75,000 they need to meet the city’s demands.

This is where they need our help. It will take a lot of money to address the city’s code requirements and complete the renovation to get Creation House fully under operation so the people they are treating have a home.

First, if you can donate to this cause, even just a few dollars, please do so at their newly created GoFundMe page.

Second, please share this story on social media and/or email it to your contacts.

The more people who learn the story of this incredible project here in Ohio, the more people they can save and the faster they can improve their neighborhood.

Video: Hillary’s abortion views extreme even for most pro-choicers

Perhaps you’ve seen this ad running here in Ohio. If not, we’ve embedded it below.

We’ve spoken before about the gruesome procedure known as partial birth abortion. The doctor only removes a portion of the fully formed baby from the mother’s birth canal, then pierces its skull to kill it. But since the baby wasn’t completely delivered, the law doesn’t consider him or her a person. It’s revolting.

The doctor you see in the ad wrote the following oped about how extreme pro-abortion politicians are out of sync with the majority of Americans and even a majority of pro-choicers. We are pleased to offer it exclusively to our readers.

Mrs. Clinton is today’s typical pro-choice politician. In the not-so-distant past, these politicians shared–and expressed–the ambivalence the American public feels about abortion. She herself called it, in 2005, “a sad, even tragic choice” and talked about how important it is to find ways to reduce its incidence. Bill Clinton famously said (and the Democratic platform in those days echoed) that the procedure should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

Today, far from referring to the procedure as a tragic occurrence, pro-choice politicians declare abortion a matter of justice and vital to the well-being of all women. Clinton and her party’s platform not only support the status quo, in which abortion is legal for any reason until viability, but call for repeal of any modest federal and state laws that attempt to regulate the procedure—such as clinic-safety policies. In a startling departure from long standing practice, Mrs. Clinton has stated unequivocally that the Hyde Amendment (a budget provision that keeps federal funds from paying for elective abortions) should be scrapped—thus forcing those who morally object to abortion into paying for it. Both Clinton and her party’s platform have abandoned religious liberty and conscience rights when it comes to this ethically divisive procedure, condemning the idea that employers can object to paying for abortifacients through their healthcare plans.

I participated in a commercial that will run in the weeks leading up to the elections in order to illustrate the difference between the views of pro-choice politicians and the American public. The ad consists of five women (not actors) pointing out where the lines of American general opinion really fall on abortion.

A Marist poll conducted in July 2016 showed that about 8 out of 10 Americans support substantial restrictions on abortion. This includes 6 out of 10 who say they are pro-choice! The de-facto position of pro-choice politicians of “abortion on demand” and for any reason throughout pregnancy is far outside the mainstream, with only about 1 in 10 Americans supporting such a view.

This shows that U.S. abortion law as it stands is already out of sync with a typical American’s thoughtful appreciation of what’s at stake.

People understand that abortion pits a woman’s “right to choose” against the life of her own child. As much as our culture paints the procedure as ethically inconsequential, a natural human desire to protect vulnerable pre-natal children persists. Even many European countries that we consider very liberal prohibit abortion after the first trimester.

The poll also reveals that proposals to repeal the Hyde Amendment run counter to the widely held (and eminently courteous) view that people who find abortion morally objectionable should not be made to pay for it. A strong majority, including 65% of African Americans and 45% of those who say they are pro-choice, oppose tax-payer funding of abortion. Americans also respect the conscience rights of physicians and other healthcare workers. By almost 20 points, a majority of Americans do not believe healthcare providers should be forced to participate in the procedure against their will. This includes 4 in 10 who identify as pro-choice.

As a doctor, I was glad to make an ad clarifying these issues for the public. Every day in my practice I examine, via ultrasound, babies that are not yet born but nevertheless exhibit a breathtaking humanity. The awed looks on the faces of their mothers and fathers show me that you don’t have to be a doctor to appreciate the enormity of what’s quietly going on in a pregnant woman’s belly. Pro-choice politicians who act as though it is a moment of pure “woman’s liberation” when one of these children’s lives is ended are simply ignoring not only reality but the opinions and values of most Americans, even most pro-choice Americans.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie specializes in radiology and serves on the advisory board for The Catholic Association.

Even in Europe, which is much more progressive than the United States, there are stricter restrictions on abortion. But America’s pro-abortion politicians like Hillary Clinton take the blood money from Planned Parenthood and do their bidding to keep barbaric practices like partial birth abortion legal.

Share this video to show people just how extreme Hillary Clinton is.

Sherrod Brown and the Cincinnati Enquirer are spreading misinformation on SCOTUS nominees

sherrod-brownA guest post by Tyler Herrmann

Senator Sherrod Brown recently wrote to the Cincinnati Enquirer about the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. His letter demonstrates either a fundamental misreading of the Constitution or the purposeful distribution of misinformation – neither of which reflects well upon a U.S. Senator.

Sen. Brown likens the decision not to hold a hearing for Judge Garland to a fry-cook deciding to serve raw eggs to customers rather than the fully-cooked omelets promised on the menu. However, Sen. Brown leaves out the fact that diner cooks do not get to cook whatever kind of omelet they desire, but are given recipes which they are expected to follow. When preparing an omelet, the recipe tells a cook how many eggs to use, what other ingredients to include, and even how long it should be cooked. The Constitution provides no such recipe for the Senate to follow when it comes to considering a Supreme Court nomination.

Unfortunately, the Enquirer too is putting out misinformation on the issue. The editorial board spoke on the issue saying “the Senate is constitutionally bound to hold hearings on [President Obama’s] nominee.” I challenge the Enquirer’s editorial board to point me to the language in the Constitution mandating confirmation hearings. Of course, I’ll be waiting for a while since no such language exists.

What the Constitution does say on the issue can be found in Article II, Section 2. It states that the president “shall” nominate Supreme Court Justices, and that only with the advice and consent of the Senate shall those nominees be appointed. In fact, the only action which the Constitution requires is that the president seek the Senate’s advisement and consent. There is no language which purports to instruct the Senate as to how it must go about providing that advisement and consent (or lack thereof).

While it is true that the Senate often holds hearing as a part of this process, the Constitution most certainly does not require it. If Senate leadership decides that the best way to express their opinion is through inaction, then that is their Constitutional prerogative.

Happily, Sen. Brown, other national Democrats, and the Enquirer’s editorial board need not take my word for it – they can turn to the Supreme Court itself for clarification. The Court held in Nixon v. United States 506 U.S. 224 (1993) that the Constitution’s grant of power to the Senate to hold impeachment trials “lacks sufficient precision to afford any judicially manageable standard of review of the Senate’s actions.” In light of this lack of standards, the Court determined it was up to the Senate alone to decide how it goes about fulfilling this Constitutional duty. In this instance, the Constitution again grants the Senate sole responsibility for providing advisement and consent (or lack thereof) to the president regarding his nominations, but is silent as to process. Therefore, the Senate may, in full accordance with the Constitution, choose to express its opinion through inaction.

If Senator Brown and the Enquirer editorial board are still unconvinced, they need only look to the rest of the state for information. The Columbus dispatch said in an editorial that “the Constitution does not require the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to hold hearings on President Barack Obama’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.” A member of the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial board states that “none of the current fulminating has anything to do with the Constitution.” Even the unabashed liberals at Plunderbund have conceded that “it’s well within the right of the Senate Majority to do this.”

Whether or not the Senate’s current course of action is the most preferable is a question that should certainly be discussed. I happen to agree with Leader McConnell, Senator Portman, and other Senate Republicans that confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice should wait until after the general election, but there is room for healthy debate on this issue and both sides have convincing arguments. There is, however, no room to simply claim that the Senate is not doing its job or that it is somehow neglecting its constitutional duty. Such claims take this argument outside the realm of what should happen and into the realm of what must happen, and the Constitution does not tell the Senate how it must proceed. The Senate may fulfill its role in any way it sees fit because, after all, there is more than one way to cook an omelet.

Cuyahoga County BOE would be wise to learn from Hamilton County’s problems with vendor Tenex

Last November, you probably recall that we had a controversial statewide ballot issue in an otherwise tame off-year election. The full legalization of marijuana, both for recreational and medical use, was up for vote, and it drove a lot more people to the polls than usual in an odd year.

Unless you’re from the Cincinnati area, what you may not have heard is that there were technical problems in Hamilton County. A judge eventually ordered that the polls stay open an extra 90 minutes so that no one was denied the opportunity to vote.

Judge Robert Ruehlman argued everyone should have a chance to vote even when system glitches happen. “I think just to be fair make sure everybody gets a chance to vote that’s the right decision, that’s what I’m going to do, alright,” said Ruehlman in court.

The Hamilton County BOE was already looking ahead to this year and expressing worry over getting it right for the presidential election.

The delays, mistakes and technological glitches that plagued Tuesday’s vote caused headaches for everyone involved in the process. But election officials know that’s nothing compared to the epic migraine they’d get if those errors are repeated next fall, during a presidential election that could hinge on Ohio and Hamilton County.

“We’re in a crucial state in a presidential election year and we’ve got to get it right,” said Alex Triantafilou, a board of elections member and the chairman of the county GOP.

“There’s no sugarcoating it,” he said of Tuesday’s vote. “Last night was a disaster, and we need to fix it.”

Hamilton County was using a new system of electronic poll books and sign-ins from a company called Tenex that was supposed to make the process faster. Unfortunately, it appears that neither the BOE nor Tenex was completely prepared. In a post-election report to the Secretary of State, the BOE stated that:

  • 65% of voting locations reported problems with router to printer connectivity.
  • 43% of voting locations had problems finding voters in the new e-Poll books. Those voters had to vote provisionally.
  • 2,764 voters were told by the system that they had “registered too late” and were forced to vote provisionally. In actuality, they had registered in time, but Tenex had failed to update a key database that was left over from a special election in August.

From WVXU,

Ravi Kallem, the president of the software company Tenex, apologized to the board, the poll workers and the voting public for the problems.

Kallem assured the board that the problems would be “a simple fix” and could be accomplished in plenty of time for the March 2016 presidential primary.

One of the biggest problems encountered was that a programming error by Tenex set a wrong date. Voters who had registered after the August special election and before the Oct. 5 voter registration deadline were not showing up as registered voters when their IDs were scanned.

That probably accounted for several thousand voters being forced to cast provisional ballots – which will be counted before the election results are certified by the board Nov. 24.

“Change of this magnitude is going to come with problems, big or small,’’ Kallem said.

There were other problems as well, but these were some of the bigger issues that caused so many delays that day.

Now Cuyahoga County is in the process of converting to electronic poll books, and Tenex is one of the vendors they are considering.

Since it’s a presidential year, and Ohio is always a key state, the upcoming election in November will have much much greater turnout than we saw in 2015. Does Ohio’s largest county want to risk having the same type of problems that Hamilton County did?

Let’s pray that both Hamilton and Cuyahoga County get it right and that Ohio’s election results this November don’t come into question because of the same type of problems we saw in 2015.

Kasich keeps Ohio’s 66 delegates from Trump

160315_vod_mar15_johnkasich_speech4_16x9_992I admit it, I didn’t think John Kasich would make it to Ohio’s primary. But he did, mainly by focusing only on a couple of states, staying out of the crossfire between the frontrunners and keeping his powder dry for Ohio.

Yesterday he soundly defeated Donald Trump. That makes it more difficult, but not impossible, for Trump to earn a majority of the delegates needed to avoid a contested convention. (A little education for Donald here: A majority is not “some random number”. It’s 50% of the delegates plus 1. Someone with “a great brain” like you should know that.)

Kasich cannot mathematically win the nomination outright. But if he has a couple hundred delegates at a contested convention, he may indeed play a role.

Obviously, Governor Kasich was not my first choice, but he and his team deserve congratulations for a hard-earned win.

I’m a Rubio Delegate, and I Just Voted for Kasich in Ohio. Here’s Why.

[The following is a guest post from a personal friend, Phil Van Treuren. I am also a Rubio delegate, and already cast my vote for Rubio weeks ago. But Phil has a point here and if I still had yet to vote, I would be thinking long and hard about this. -Nick]


By Phil Van Treuren

No doubt about it: Marco Rubio would be one hell of a standard bearer for the GOP in a general election. He’s the best candidate to beat Hillary in November, boost our underticket candidates, and grow our party. I’m proud to be a Rubio delegate, and would be proud to call him my president.

But I voted for John Kasich, not Rubio, in the Ohio primary yesterday.

My reason is simple: to stop megalomaniac Donald Trump from clinching the nomination and leading our party into a train wreck this fall.

Listen: Ohio is a winner-take-all primary state. The top vote-getter receives every one of our 66 delegates. If we handed them out proportionally, I’d gladly vote for Rubio in hopes of him clinching a few.

But that’s not the reality here, folks. Neither Rubio or Cruz have a hope of winning Ohio; polling consistently shows them far behind Trump. John Kasich, though, is running neck-and-neck with The Donald here, and a few extra votes could put him over the top.

If Trump gets the nomination, you might as well start calling Hillary “Madam President.”

Worse than that: with Trump on the ballot, we’ll have a slaughter of the Republican underticket in Ohio unlike anything you’ve seen in a generation. Say hello to a Senator Strickland, GOP losses in the state legislature, and a bloodbath for Republican candidates in counties across the Buckeye State.

I get it: a lot of you Rubio and Cruz supporters don’t like Kasich. You want to cast your ballot for your favorite candidate out of principle, even if they don’t have a chance of winning Ohio.

If this were any other year, I’d say go for it. But this year we’re faced with the prospect of a candidate who could saddle every Republican in Ohio with his narrow-minded, bullying brand of politics.

I refuse to giving Trump the delegates he needs to hang that albatross around our necks.

Here’s the long and short of it: a vote for anyone other than John Kasich in Ohio is a vote for Trump. I hate that it’s reached that point, but it’s reality. And I hope that my fellow Rubio supporters — and Cruz folks, as well — will join me in doing whatever it takes to keep Trump from taking Ohio.

Phil Van Treuren is a city councilman in Amherst, a former winner of the Ohio Young Republican of the Year Award, and a member of the Lorain County Republican Party Executive Committee.