• Barack Obama tries, and fails, to deny the insult he delivered to small businesses

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    Maybe Barack Obama took a clue from Sherrod Brown, who famously denied comparing Republicans to Hitler and Stalin, after he made a speech on the Senate floor comparing Republicans to Hitler and Stalin.

    After his now infamous declaration to small business owners that government that “You didn’t build that! Somebody else made that happen!”, he came out with this ad, trying to tell people that what he REALLY said is that we’ve got to stand behind business owners. Yes, really.

    Is he serious!? Does he think this ad is going to work?

    I bet that it has the opposite effect. People know what he said. He was not telling business owners that we need to “stand behind them.” What an absolute lie. He was telling business owners, “Hey! You OWE us.”

    American Crossroads isn’t letting him get away with it. Check out their new video ridiculing him for trying to deny what he said.

    “Barack Obama drops the ball on his own 1-yard line.”

    That’s gold.

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