• Bill Clinton: We’ve got to destroy Marco Rubio before he gets off the ground

    by  • October 14, 2015 • Uncategorized

    According to author Ed Klein, the Clinton camp is more worried about facing Marco Rubio in the general election than any other Republican candidate. On Fox and Friends this morning, he claims to have interviewed friends of Bill Clinton, who claim that the ex-president actually said that they “need to destroy him before he gets off the ground.”

    Watch the clip.

    HASSELBECK: “Did the source also correctly say this, and I’ll quote from the source, ‘We’ve got to destroy him before he gets off the ground?'”

    KLEIN: “That’s exactly what Bill said. And he said this in front of a group of friends, and I interviewed some of them.”

    The Clintons have every reason to be afraid of Rubio. He is the absolute best communicator of conservative solutions for America’s future since Ronald Reagan. Not only can he communicate them, he believes in them.

    After watching the debacle of that Democratic debate last night, it’s clear that Rubio would shine on stage opposed to Hillary Clinton.

    And now we know that the Clintons believe so too.


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