• Ed Fitzgerald hints that he wants to raise Ohio’s income tax

    by  • October 9, 2013 • Uncategorized

    fitzytaxesThis item is a couple weeks old, but it’s worth noting as an example of how Ed Fitzgerald refuses to say how he would run the state budget differently than Governor Kasich has.

    While criticizing the current state budget, reporters asked him what he would do differently and if he would favor raising the income tax, (which under the current budget is lowered over the next 3 years.) From Henry Gomez of the Plain Dealer,

    Three reporters on Tuesday’s call pressed FitzGerald for specific changes he might pursue if elected in 2014, namely whether he would favor raising the income tax.

    FitzGerald declined each time to provide specifics, at one point saying he should not have to unveil a detailed budget during his campaign. He acknowledged that Republicans would “like to have a caricature” of a tax-hiking Democrat to use against him.

    Didn’t Ed just tip his hand? He basically said, “I’m not going to tell you what I would do differently, because I’ll get criticized for raising income taxes.”

    Fitzgerald has already gone on record opposing the $2.7 billion in tax cuts in the current budget, and now implies that if we knew his plans for the budget, we’d criticize him for being a tax-hiking Democrat.

    Looks like Ed stepped in it. Again.


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