• Embarrassing: 55% of NE Ohio voters don’t know who Ed Fitzgerald is

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    No one knows who Ed Fitzgerald is

    No one knows who Ed Fitzgerald is

    Henry Gomez from The Plain Dealer has unearthed more troublesome news for Ed Fitzgerald out of yesterday’s Quinnipiac poll.

    Ed Fitzgerald is technically the 2nd highest ranking executive in Ohio (behind governor), and the top executive in Northeast Ohio. He has been the mayor of a large Cleveland suburb. And he has been running Cuyahoga County for over three years.

    Northeast Ohio voters should know his name, right?


    Surprising hurdle for Ed FitzGerald: 55 percent of Northeast Ohio voters still don’t know who he is

    What is surprising is one place where Kasich is beating his Democratic challenger.

    Ed FitzGerald is the Cuyahoga County executive, a position that makes him the top elected official in Greater Cleveland, the economic and political anchor of Northeast Ohio. Yet Kasich, according to the cross tabulations provided by Quinnipiac, leads FitzGerald in the region by a 6-point margin: 46 percent to 40 percent.

    When asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of FitzGerald, 55 percent of the Northeast Ohio respondents said they hadn’t heard enough about him to answer.

    Remember when I criticized him for spending money to run ads in his own back yard? Now we know why. Even there, most people don’t know who he is!

    What was the response to this from his spokeswoman Lauren Hitt?

    She avoided the question entirely and launched into the usual Obama/Fitzgerald class warfare.

    “Gov. Kasich’s record of giving tax breaks to the most well-off and paying for them by raising taxes on the middle class hasn’t worked for everyday Ohioans,” FitzGerald spokeswoman Lauren Hitt said in an email.

    What’s even scarier for the Fitz crew? Since May, the number of people who know who Fitzgerald is has decreased.

    In May, 63% of Ohioans hadn’t heard of him. Today? 65%.

    Yikes indeed. If Fitzgerald can’t even win Northeast Ohio, he…is…toast.


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