• Fitz, How about pledging to answer your phones?

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    Ed Fitzgerald is trying to shift the blame

    Ed Fitzgerald is trying to shift the blame

    Ed Fitzgerald’s lack of leadership is showing once again.

    First, Cuyahoga County failed to get over 108,000 of it’s tax bills out on time. Instead of taking accountability, the Fitz Administration blamed the vendor.

    And now it’s being reported that the County’s call center was “overwhelmed”.

    Thousands of residents with questions about their tax bills overwhelmed Cuyahoga County’s new and understaffed call center in January, resulting in callers waiting on hold, on average, for more than 12 minutes, and callers hanging up without talking to anyone more than half the time, recently released records show.

    During January, more than half of the 28,353 phone calls that came in to the county’s call center disconnected before speaking to anyone.

    As the deadline approached, taxpayers who showed up to pay their bills were met with lines that sometimes were so long they wrapped outside the building during frigid temperatures.

    Late tax bills, long hold times and extra long lines in freezing weather were three strikes issued against Interim Fiscal Officer Mark Parks in the past few weeks. Instead of holding him accountable, Fitzgerald nominated him to permanently hold the position.

    Maybe Fitz should be more concerned with pledging to properly serve the residents of Cuyahoga County.


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