• More evidence Kraus within striking distance of Redfern in 89th OH House district – UPDATED

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    Burn the ‘Fern!

    A couple of weeks ago, we shared a poll that showed Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern trailing Steve Kraus in his reelection campaign in the 89th Ohio House district.

    Since then, Kraus said his campaign is gaining more momentum. He says that another independent poll shows him beating Redfern by 3 points. Kraus recently released this new ad showing local Democrats that support him.

    Kraus also ran this full page ad in Wednesday’s Sandusky Register.


    In addition, the big unions in the area who have endorsed just about every Democrat in the state have NOT endorsed Chris Redfern for reelection. Notice that his name is missing below.


    And now OHROC, the fundraising arm of the Ohio House Republican caucus, has jumped into the race. Kraus reports that they are sending out 24,000 mailers in the district this weekend, plus funding robo-calls from Congressman Jim Jordan. They also placed this half page ad in today’s Sandusky Register.


    OHROC previously had not been active in this race. The news that they are starting to spend money at this late date may indicate that they also have seen information that confirms that Steve Kraus has a chance of defeating Chris Redfern.

    Kraus could also use individual contributions to put his ad on TV between now and election day. Wouldn’t it be sweet to know that you had a hand in helping Steve knock Chris Redfern out of the Ohio House? Contribute now at Steve’s website.

    UPDATE: Wenzel conducted another poll and now finds Redfern is up by 12 points.


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