• Ohio Democrats Have Lost All Credibility

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    3BP has previously covered the hypocrisy of the Democrat party concerning Hitler references, but as the headlines keep piling up, it seems to me that the Ohio media is giving a platform where none should exist.  The Democrat party’s constant demand that Ms. Terhar resign amid a Facebook controversy (I can’t believe I’m typing those words) is hypocrisy at its best.

    You know, seeing as how the state’s foremost Democrat leader, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, compared the GOP to Hitler & Stalin, ON THE FLOOR OF THE U.S. SENATE.

    Or how about the fact that a Democrat state representative, Rep. Bob Hagan, seems to think it’s perfectly fine to use racial slurs on Black Ohioans.

    And who can forget then-Governor Ted Strickland calling the Tea Party “radicals,” and the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, Mr. I-Don’t-Live-In-My-District, Chris Redfern, calling Republicans “f@#%ers” during the federal healthcare debate.

    Did the media jump on this?  Did the Democrat party rebuke their own?  That’d be a firm no.

    But all of this pales in comparison to the fact that while Democrats are calling for the resignation of Ms. Terhar, they turned a blind eye to the actual criminal activity of one of their own, Democrat State Rep. Clayton Luckie.

    Former-Rep. Luckie agreed to a plea deal this week on criminal charges stemming from illegal campaign activities, after being indicted all the way back in October.  And yet he never resigned.  He continued to collect a state paycheck, paid for by state taxpayers.  And the Ohio Democratic Party?  They were silent on the matter, never once asking that Rep. Luckie step down amidst all the evidence against him–never once standing up for the taxpayers footing Luckie’s salary.

    But a Facebook post by a Republican?  Oh, that’s fodder for an all-out assault.

    What Ohio Democrats are basically saying is, criminal conduct is just fine, but if you exercise your First Amendment right to free speech, that’s worthy of their ire.  Yes, I do believe that Ms. Terhar’s remarks were inappropriate and she, as well as every Ohio official, should give pause before posting anything to social media, but it doesn’t warrant calls for her resignation.

    Especially while Ohio’s Democrats are using the same language, slurring Black Republicans, and cursing out the GOP–all while keeping quiet while one of their own is breaking the law.

    It’s this kind of sanctimonious righteousness that shows that Ohio Democrats have lost all credibility.


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