Ohio Rep. Bob Hagan (D) calls a black Ohioan "buckwheat" on Facebook?

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“Earlier this morning [Saturday] I engaged in a face book discussion with State Rep Bob Hagan [D, Youngstown]. Discussion is used loosely, as Hagan could not provide any facts or logic to defend his allegations.

“When I said he was only parroting the Ohio Democrat Party’s talking points he claimed to not know what his own Chairman, Chris Redfern, was saying. Chris might want to take a look at that.

“Anyway, a friend posted a thoughtful comment that Hagan didn’t like, and responded with a racist rant.”

The friend appears to be a black man making his point in a completely civil manner. Hagan appears to call him “buckwheat”, accuses him of making personal shots and tells him to “stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

I don’t see the gentleman making any personal shots at Rep. Hagan at all. On the contrary, the comment that seems to have evoked the response was stated in a very civil tone.

While the earlier of the conversation is not visible, this reaction by Hagan is clearly inappropriate for a state representative. If Hagan were a Republican calling a black man “buckwheat”, there would already be calls for his resignation.

Being the sponsor of Senate Bill 5, Senator Shannon Jones has been on the receiving end of some very nasty comments on her Facebook page. She did the smart thing and ignored the personal attacks, and disabled wall posts for the time being, since people were being so uncivil. Hagan could learn a thing or two from Jones. Instead, he lashed out with a racial slur.

As much as Chris Redfern has tried to portray John Kasich as a racist, I wonder if he’ll have anything to say about Rep. Hagan’s comments. We’ll post an update if we can get more information.

UPDATE: The entire conversation was sent to me. This was NOT on Rep. Hagan’s page. He started commenting on someone else’s post. Judge for yourself.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

9 thoughts on “Ohio Rep. Bob Hagan (D) calls a black Ohioan "buckwheat" on Facebook?”

  1. Not surprised by this at all. From the exchange it is clear he called this woman this word. It’s also clear that term is racist and he knows it. He’s been calling people buckwheat since childhood? Come again, Bob. It amazes me when old racists try to act as though they don’t know the historical context of the racist words they use.

    Like all politicians he thinks he can lie his way out of anything. He is a very nasty man. I ran into him in a drugstore once. He has a very nasty demeanor and he was rude to the clerk (black female). He’s the most arrogant politician I’ve ever encountered and I’ve worked with and met many.

    I do believe he has a problem with black people. Last year he was put on his butt in Youngstown when he got in the face of a young black male at a restaurant. The guy was an entertainer at the restaurant and asked Hagan to move aside so he could get through. The place was packed.

    Hagan claims he merely said “hold on young man” or something like that. The guy said the exchange went quite differently with Hagan talking out of turn to him.

    So, the guy decided to teach Hagan some manners. Hagan got 11 stitches to the chin and a ride in an ambulance.

    Not advocating violence but merely pointing out that Hagan has a habit of disrespecting people and he seems to have a problem being civil to black people.

  2. James, if John Kasich called a constituant “Buckwheat”, no matter what color the person was, do you think it would be ignored and that he wouldn’t be called a racist?

  3. No, I think James point was that since this was a conservative woman it was OK to call her anyting you want. Only liberal women deserve respect in his little ivory tower world.

    Kind of like they do to Sarah Palin. Just call her anything (and include her under-age kids) because she does not agree with James don’t you know? (but don’t you talk about those Obama kids — off limits)

    You have to understand — by definition liberals are “tolerant” and conservatives are “decisive”; liberals are open-minded while conservatives are opinionated and so forth and such and such ad nauseam.

    When liberals name-call and demonize and carry ugly signs at rallies it is ONLY in righteous indignation.

    Its OK for a liberal to be racist — it has to be because many of them are. So it seems fine to James.

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