• Rules Don’t Apply To Democrats

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    It seems that Democrats, particularly those here in Ohio, believe the rules don’t apply to them.  From policy positions, to political critiques, they are a party of contradictions.

    When it comes to campaign finance, Democrats take a hard line on limiting contributions from non-individuals, ya know, so long as they aren’t union special interests.

    When it comes to abortion, Democrats are all about individual liberties and choice.  But God forbid they apply the same logic to gun rights or the ability to send your child to the school of your choice.

    When it comes to equal pay for women, Democrats are quick to tout the Lilly Ledbetter Act, puff out their chest and defend women.  But President Obama not only pays women in his office significantly less than men, he has less women in his Cabinet than the He Man Woman Haters Club.


    So when Democrats ranted and raved about a misguided Facebook post by State School Board President Debe Terhar, it was no surprise that not only did these same Democrats make the same misguided comments, their U.S. Senator did it on the floor of the United States Senate.

    All the while, they refused to call for the resignation of Democrat Rep. Clayton Luckie after his indictment on campaign finance violations.  While he continued to collect a paycheck.

    It’s disgusting.

    Of course, the latest hypocrisy in this whole thing hit yesterday, with Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director, Jerid Kurtz, one-upping everyone by blaming Governor John Kasich and Ohio Republicans for a school shooting (after Democrats exploited the tragedy to collect email addresses and add them to anti-gun propaganda lists).

    Given the previous statements by Kurtz & his boss, Democrat Pirate Chris Redfern, calling for Terhar’s resignation, you might assume that Kurtz would do the honorable thing, practice what he’s been preaching, and resign from his position with the Democratic Party.

    Instead, Kurtz not only doubled-down on his hypocrisy, but also denied having any knowledge of the ODP’s many fundraising attempts off of that hypocrisy.  In front of the entire state school board.  On camera.

    Luckily for Mr. Kurtz, we were happy to remind him of the emails earlier today.

    I keep telling myself that the next example of absolute hypocrisy from Ohio’s Democrats won’t surprise me.  They’ve already reached the lowest levels possible.  But then they dig down deep and amaze me with their utter filth and outright offensiveness.  The bar just keeps getting lower and lower.

    And so long as they continue to act as if the rules somehow don’t apply to them, I can’t imagine that trend will change anytime soon.


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