• We Are Ohio still standing with "Occupy" vermin

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    Previously on 3BP, we’ve highlighted how “We Are Ohio” stands hand in hand with the socialist vermin behind the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, even employing a self-described communist revolutionary.

    They don’t seem to apologize for this relationship, and in fact, are continuing it. This week, several members of the teachers union will lock arms with the fleabaggers and encourage you to vote no on Issue 2.

    With a week to go until Election Day, Occupy Columbus is hoping to stir up discussion about the implications of Senate Bill 5.

    The group will hold a luncheon today on the Statehouse lawn, where union members and teachers will talk about how they will be affected by the bill.

    Why does We Are Ohio wants to associate themselves with these people? Isn’t their class warfare rhetoric winning them enough points? The Occupy movement hates the police. They continually accuse the police of brutality. But We Are Ohio claims to be on the side of police. I don’t get it.

    Voters who are on the fence should be concerned about how friendly the anti-Issue2 campaign is with Occupy Wall Street. Do you stand with this guy from Occupy Dayton, who says “F— the police?” (Warning, strong language!)

    Or do you stand with the tax-paying middle class in Ohio? Vote YES on Issue 2.

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