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A Big, Dumb Iceberg

If Progressivism were a ship, Michael Moore would be an iceberg the captain just couldn’t resist. Moore says things his fellow leftists will not, which is useful for agitating a certain type of crowd. As Mary Katharine Ham explained last week, the real-world results of his class warfare would be a Titanic catastrophe:

Fortunately for Michael Moore, there are sad, envious people who respond well to “Fat cats have more stuff than you! They should give it up! Giiiiive iiitt!” His routine wouldn’t work on the average elementary student, but Moore’s one marketable skill is rallying adults with the sense of below-average children.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Michael Moore’s rants expose the central tenet of Progressivism. Without the vast government redistribution he demands, dreadful capitalism runs amok… empowering citizens and weakening leftist interest groups. How many Progressive outlets have you seen decrying Moore’s idiotic “national resources” line? Moore is invited to shout at a Wisconsin union rally and cheered by union bosses because their goals are the same.

Remember the Tax Foundation chart below the next time you hear someone demand that “the rich” pay their “fair share.” And if you’re curious how well the $16 trillion spent on welfare programs has worked since the LBJ era, refer to The Heritage Foundation.

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