Another Issue 2 "We told you so"

A week and a half ago, Northeast Ohioans were treated to a barrage of videos of crying and angry teachers on all of the local news programs. Facing large deficits, the Cleveland School Board was forced to lay off 500 teachers. Remember this exclusive video of union members disrupting a Cleveland school board meeting last October?

This time, in that very same room, they were lamenting. Some of the teachers were berating the board members for having made such a “horrible decision” with a “how dare you!” and “have you no shame” type of attitude. Their arguments wouldn’t have been more ridiculous if they had added “Just go pick some more cash off of the money tree you have!”

I sincerely hate to see anyone lose their job, but excuse me if I don’t feel as bad for these folks as I might for someone in the private sector, for instance. You see, these very same teachers engaged in a campaign of lies and distortion last year regarding Senate Bill 5/Issue 2. The legislation would have required public employees to pick up more of the tab for their own benefits, but still not nearly as much as most people pay.

GOHP Blog has more details on the benefits that Cleveland teachers get:

Just look at the contracts. Under their last contract, Cleveland teachers paid only $30/month for a family health plan–just $360 per year–while the average Ohio family pays $4,129 per year for health coverage. The reforms of Senate Bill 5 would have increased teacher contributions to just 15%, half of what the average Ohio family pays. In a district with 5,600 teachers, those savings add up.

To over a million dollars to be exact.

So if union hacks like the one above are looking for “anyone in the public sector” that Senate Bill 5 would have helped, how about any one of the thousands of teachers currently unemployed. And without health insurance.

Maybe they’d be able to tell you the benefits.


And it’s not just happening in Cleveland. As GOHP Blog also explains, this is happening all over the state. For months, we explained that if voters listened to the smear campaign perpetrated by the unions against Governor Kasich and the reasonable reforms in SB5, public employees all over the state would begin dropping like flies. And now it’s happening.

We told you so.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

6 thoughts on “Another Issue 2 "We told you so"”

  1. . . .and how about the fact that a few in the Cleveland Fire Dept were padding the payroll books and, that TPTB knew about this before the election to decide SB5 and sat on the info (so as not to influence the election).

    Time for unions to go the way of the dinosaurs! No sympathy here!

  2. It is always a sad day when someone loses a job (except of course when a democrat elected official losses theirs).

    Did you read the link where the union office was upset they didn’t raise taxes so they could keep their jobs?

    They are also counting on 200 employees to accept a retirement buy-out on top of the 500 being laid off.

    I so want to plaster the billboards in Cleveland with signs that say “I Told You So” or how about “How Many Laid Off When the Union LIED”.

    I wonder how many of these union member who, appear not to be able to think for themselves, who can only do what their union tells them to say do, might now be able to put 2 and 2 together to figure out that their union lied to them about issues 2. Of course any Cleveland teacher who believes paying $30 a month for family health insurance is fair is barely qualified to teach any child because they lack common sense and any type of moral compass.

  3. @notgvn – One could get whiplash from your shifting positions. Last month this blog called Senate Bill 5 “ill considered” and “fundamentally flawed.” Right on both counts. And SB5 did not just damage teachers, but firefighters, cops, nurses, clerks, secretaries, prison guards and others who have NOT been laid off. SB5 was overwhelming voted down by Ohioans, and if the Tea Party is dumb enough to try and place their Workplace Manager Freedom to Exploit amendment on the ballot, that will fail as well.

    1. @notgvn – Uh, you yourself posted the material from this Woods fellow, and clearly indicated it supported what you were writing. My reading comprehension is just fine, I can read between the lines as well as anyone.

    2. Yes I posted woods’ remarks as evidence of more people supporting the ousting of dewine. Sometimes you quote other people without necessarily agreeing with them 100%. Duh.

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