“Chicken” Ted Strickland still won’t debate Sittenfeld, but demanded them in the past

Ted Strickland once used a man in a chicken suit to mock an opponent for not debating
Ted Strickland once used a man in a chicken suit to mock an opponent for not debating
Ted Strickland still refuses to debate fellow Democrat PG Sittenfeld in the battle for the Democratic nomination to take on Republican Rob Portman this year.

What’s ironic is that in the 90s, Strickland demanded debates with his GOP opponent when he ran for Congress. And he even sent a person dressed as a chicken to events to mock his opponent.

Complaints from the Cremeans’ camp include a charge that Strickland’s people used a man in a chicken
suit to portray Cremeans’ in a Marietta parade. Strickland said it was a mask, not a suit, and the chicken
simply carried a sign saying, “I won’t debate Ted Strickland — who am I?”

Strickland wanted debates when he ran for governor in 2006 and he challenged John Kasich to debates in 2010.

I assume that he doesn’t want to give Sittenfeld any extra attention and publicity. He also likely doesn’t want to answer any tough questions that Rob Portman could capitalize on later.

PG Sittenfeld isn’t going away, however, and Strickland’s fundraising has not been impressive. As of September 30th, he had $1.5 million in the bank. Sittenfeld had $784,000 for his campaign.

But Sittenfeld has a SuperPAC in his corner, and they just announced that they have raised $733,000.

If you add that together with his own campaign, it matches what Strickland has on hand.

Sittenfeld and his PAC will no doubt use almost everything to knock Ted out in the primary, forcing Strickland to spend what little he has in defense.

While Sittenfeld bleeds out what little money Strickland has, Rob Portman is sitting on over $11 million as of September.

Ted Strickland may regret being roped into being the Ohio Democratic Party’s desperate retread candidate in this race. He’s obviously not the fundraiser he used to be, and he’s too chicken to even debate a fellow Democrat.

The Ohio Republican Party is nothing but a third arm of the Kasich presidential campaign

Chrissie Thompson of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the Ohio Republican Party is planning to endorse John Kasich for President.

In an open primary. Two months before Ohio’s primary election.

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Republican Party’s governing body plans to vote Friday to endorse Gov. John Kasich’s presidential bid, an unusual step more than two months ahead of the state’s March 15 primary.

State parties and chairpeople around the country, especially in early-voting states, often try to stay neutral in the presidential race, preferring to support the candidate their voters elect. An Ohio Republican Party spokeswoman acknowledged the party’s plan is unusual in an open primary and as compared with other state parties in 2016, but said it falls within the party’s bylaws.

This is not done unless the candidate is an incumbent Republican president. It’s unprecedented. It’s especially egregious that it is being done by the state party hosting the Republican National Convention. I wonder how Reince Priebus feels about this…

I suppose we should have seen this coming all along. There has never been any attempt to hide the fact that the ORP has been set up to be an arm of the Kasich presidential campaign.

Last May, Chairman Matt Borges furiously lashed out at Treasurer Josh Mandel for daring to support somebody for president who wasn’t John Kasich, even though Kasich didn’t even announce his candidacy until three months later.

Borges said Mandel should’ve sat and waited to see if Kasich would run, and then fallen in line and endorsed Kasich. Because Mandel endorsed Rubio instead, Borges labeled him a “bit player”.

Now the party is attempting to do the same thing with Ohio’s Republican voters. They are sending a message that if you are a Republican, and aren’t planning to vote for Kasich in March, that you are out of line with the Ohio Republican Party.

These are the kind of tactics that are driving some people to support candidates like Donald Trump. As much as they are opposed to Trump and as much as they want to stop him, it’s amazing that they are so absolutely tone deaf as to pull a stunt like this.

But that’s today’s ORP, folks. And don’t doubt for a second that Kasich hasn’t given this his blessing. They wouldn’t dare do it if he was opposed to it.

It’s one more reason I will never donate a penny to the Ohio Republican Party, and neither should you. Give your donations directly to the candidates you want to help instead.

Closing the books on another Ted Strickland failure for Ohio

(Columbus Dispatch photo by Tom Dodge)
(Columbus Dispatch photo by Tom Dodge)
Last week, Attorney General Mike DeWine reached a settlement with Willard and Kelsey Solar Group in a move that cleans up a mess left by Ted Strickland’s tenure as governor.

In 2009 and 2010, the Strickland administration loaned millions in taxpayer funds to the company, who promised it would create 400 jobs.

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—The Ohio Development Services Agency (DSA), the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA), and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office today announced that the three agencies have reached a $6.5 million settlement with a Perrysburg manufacturing company for unpaid loans. The settlement and payment to the state resolve collections actions against Willard & Kelsey Solar Group for loans owed to DSA and OAQDA.

“Because these types of debts are historically very difficult to recover, this $6.5 million payment is a significant recovery of taxpayer funds,” said Attorney General DeWine.

“This is a win for taxpayers,” said David Goodman, Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency. “These loans were given before the current system of monitoring and in those days, too often, when a company went under, taxpayers were left holding an empty bag.”

WK owed Ohio taxpayers a total of $11.5 million.

How many people were actually employed? About 50 at its high mark, according to the Toledo Blade. In 2012, almost all of them were laid off.

As we reported that same year, the Strickland administration knew Willard Kelsey was in deep trouble. But they loaned them another $10 million in state money anyway.

Maybe that’s because of all the contributions Ted Strickland received from Willard Kelsey executives.

  • Jim Appold – President of Willard & Kelsey: gave $2,400 to Ted Strickland on 8/23/10.
  • Michael Cicak – CEO of Willard & Kelsey: gave $5,000 to Strickland on 4/3/10.
  • His wife Dolores gave $1,000 more on 8/23/10.
  • Maurice “Mossie” Murphy – CFO of Willard & Kelsey: gave $5,000 to Strickland on 4/13/10 listing his home address as Perrysburg and gave another $2,400 to Strickland on 8/23/10 listing his Pittsburgh, PA address.
  • Gary FayKosh – COO of Willard & Kelsey: gave $1,000 to Strickland on 8/23/10.

WK executives used some of the state money to pay themselves millions.

Before Willard & Kelsey ever sold a solar panel, its executives began receiving frequent $30,000 to $40,000 payments from the firm, beginning in August, 2008. In all, the executives received about $3 million. And, from May through August, 2009, executives expensed more than $20,000 for spending that included tickets to the Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Steelers and airline tickets for family members.

That’s all on top of executive salaries that totaled about $2.2 million during the last five years.

Now Ted Strickland wants to bring his horrible record to the U.S. Senate. He’s the best candidate the depleted and demoralized Ohio Democratic Party could dig up to take on Rob Portman.

Ohio taxpayers would be wise to remember this and all the other failures Ohio endured under Ted Strickland.

Ohio Delegate lists for all 2016 Republican presidential candidates

Yesterday was the deadline for all candidates running for public office in Ohio to file for the March primary, including the presidential candidates.

The most common way to get on the presidential ballot is to first prove that your campaign is viable by showing that you’ve raised a certain amount of money in 20 different states, and then to file a slate of delegates.

For the GOP nomination, Ohio has 66 delegates up for grabs. Each candidate can file their own slate of 63 delegates. 48 of them are by congressional district (3 delegates for each of Ohio’s 16 districts), plus 15 “at-large” delegates. The remaining 3 delegates are at the discretion of the state party. The Ohio legislature changed this years primary so that Ohio is a winner-take-all state, no doubt in an attempt to boost Governor Kasich’s chances, knowing that he would have a natural advantage in the Ohio primary.

So, for example, if John Kasich won the Ohio primary in March, his slate of filed delegates would be the people on the convention floor who officially cast Ohio’s votes for him as the nominee. Candidates also usually file a slate of 63 alternate delegates as well.

The recruitment of the full 126 delegates and alternates are a good show of at least a minimum amount of support and organization in Ohio. Many of the candidates met that bar easily, but some did not.

Below are links to the official delegate slates filed with the Secretary of State’s office by each candidate.

Marco Rubio

Donald Trump

Ted Cruz

John Kasich

Jeb Bush

Ben Carson

Carly Fiorina

Rand Paul

Chris Christie

Mike Huckabee

Rick Santorum

Lindsey Graham

No, Donald Trump, most whites are not murdered by blacks

Days after a racist comment by Donald Trump aimed at Marco Rubio, the Donald has topped himself by tweeting a very racially tinged graphic that claims that 81% of white people who are murdered are killed by blacks.

Amazingly, he hasn’t deleted it. Yet…


Trump is flat out lying here.

According to official statistics from the FBI as reported by the Washington Post, it’s the exact opposite. When white people are murdered, it’s overwhelming by the hand of other white people. 82% to be exact.


Capture2Worse yet, Trump retweeted the bogus information from a neo-Nazi white supremacist who admires Hitler and has a modified swastika as his Twitter logo.

Why is Donald Trump injecting race politics into his campaign? And why is he telling his supporters that most white people are killed by black people? This is textbook racism.

How on earth do people believe that this man has the temperament to be president?

I would expect to hear this kind of race propaganda at a KKK gathering from Billy Bob to a fellow redneck. “Ya know these black folk are doin’ most of the killin’ of our white brothers!”

I wouldn’t expect to hear it from a man running to be president of the United States.

Governor Kasich ended his presidential campaign in Milwaukee

I haven’t written much, at all, about Governor Kasich’s presidential campaign.

Mostly, this is due to being crazy busy at work and directing more time to family and personal time. But there’s another reason. It’s because I’m not on board.

This put me in an awkward position, because prior to this year we had always been squarely behind Kasich in most issues when it came to his job as governor and his reelection. We supported our incumbent Republican governor and gleefully made endless fun of his hapless opponent, Ed Fitzgerald, last year.

We still called him out when we disagreed. Subverting the Ohio legislature to ram through Medicaid expansion under Obamacare was one such instance. I thought expanding Medicaid was a bad idea, and defying the legislature in Obama-like fashion was an even worse idea.

I could agree to disagree. However, shortly after the governor won reelection and started focusing on preparing for his presidential run, things started to change.

Instead of just defending his Medicaid decision on its merits, he began to go on the offensive against those who disagreed with him in very personal ways.

I won’t go into how wrong that is in a scriptural sense, but it was at this point that I decided I couldn’t support him in a run for president. I would support him if he were the nominee, but not in the primary. Disagreeing with your base is one thing. Telling them they’re going to hell for disagreeing is another thing entirely.

What continues to astonish me is how Governor Kasich thinks this strategy will work. Yes, a candidate needs to distinguish himself from his primary opponents. But rather than build his debate performances around an optimistic, positive vision for the future under his policies, he has taken to being the angry man on stage who needs to lecture his fellow Republicans.

That was especially true this past Tuesday night at the debate in Wisconsin. He constantly interrupted out of turn and demanded to have a response to almost every statement made by the other candidates. It was rude and very irritating. If his intention was to show leadership and appear presidential, he failed miserably and came off as just plain obnoxious.

It was also completely unnecessary. Everybody knows that Donald Trump’s supposed plan of deporting 12 million people is ridiculous. It’s especially obvious to the moderate voters that Kasich is going after. Why waste an interruption to tell people something they already know?

Kasich would be better off promoting an optimistic and hopeful view of the future. For example, imagine all of the positive impacts that having a balanced federal budget would have. But instead, Kasich’s entire appearance was one of anger and talking down to his opponents on stage. He has spent more time and energy criticizing other Republicans than he has criticizing Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. We saw this strategy before from Jon Huntsman. It didn’t work out well at all, so why is Governor Kasich repeating it?

Finally, no matter whether your policies are wrong or right…voters must like you. It sounds so simple, but its extremely important. The governor’s behavior made that almost impossible to anyone other than his already committed supporters. His repeated interruptions are all anyone is going to remember. Kasich’s long experience in government as a legislator and an executive, easily his strongest asset, is absolutely meaningless if you make people dislike you.

Kasich’s performance in the fourth debate was universally viewed to be extremely damaging to himself. He was even booed by the audience, something that only Donald Trump also accomplished. I wasn’t the only one irritated. Take a look at this focus group of New Hampshire voters. These aren’t Tea Party folks. These are moderately conservative Republicans from the very state Kasich is basing his entire campaign on. Their reaction is just brutal.

I’ll spare you other videos and commentary from that evening. They don’t get any better.

I don’t understand what Governor Kasich was thinking. Perhaps this was the result of advice from John Weaver. Maybe it was on his own. But one thing is clear. It’s going to drive his favorable numbers among the GOP electorate way down into underwater territory. People don’t want to vote for a jerk, and I’m sorry, but that’s exactly how the governor acted on stage Tuesday night.

I believe it was a death knell for his presidential campaign, and probably killed any prospects of being picked as a running mate as well.

No, lying cultists, Ford didn’t move production from Mexico to Ohio because of Donald Trump

This morning I saw a post on Facebook about a Ford plant in my county in Ohio. The article is one of the worst examples of rewriting history that I have ever seen.

Trump cultist falsely writes that Ford move from Mexico to Ohio was because of Trump
Trump cultist falsely writes that Ford move from Mexico to Ohio was because of Trump

The article was published on a site called “Prntly” by someone named Dmitri Voltova, who claims that he moved to the US from a former Soviet Republic.

Dmitri Voltova was born in the USSR Russian SFR. He moved to the United States after the fall of the Soviet Union, and is a proud contributor to Prntly with a voice from the former communist empires.

The bulk of the site’s articles is blatantly pro-Trump and the Ford article is full of several errors, but that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump from citing it and taking credit.

First, yes, Ford did move a major production line from Mexico to Ohio.

The problem for Trump? It was announced four years ago. We even wrote about it here at 3BP.

Yesterday, we talked about how the Kasich administration approved incentive for 30 new jobs projects. Another one of the big projects included will secure the future of jobs at Ford’s Avon Lake assembly plant. With the new incentives, Ford actually plans on bringing medium duty truck production out of Mexico and to Ohio. From the Lorain Morning Journal:

“Their visit will highlight the importance of the partnership with our state and local governments in moving production of the F-650 and F-750 from Mexico to our facility,” the plant advisory said. “We are also insourcing the F53 motor home chassis and F59 commercial stripped chassis production from an outside supplier.
“Furthermore, your ongoing commitment to delivering a high quality product to our customers is making this investment possible,” the plant advisory said. “We want to thank all of you for your contributions in securing the future of the Ohio Assembly Plant.”

Let’s be absolutely clear. Donald Trump had nothing to do with this. It happened in 2011.

This move was the result of a negotiations and deals between Ford, the Kasich administration, local officials and the UAW. Period.

This past summer, after millions of dollars of investment in the plant, the first heavy duty Ford truck rolled off the assembly line in the re-tooled Avon Lake, Ohio plant. Mr. Voltova seems to have read this CNN Money article about it, and decided to inexplicably give Trump the credit.

Voltova also wrongly states that the Ford plant is located in Youngstown, Ohio, which is 90 miles away. Fittingly, the article features an obviously manipulated photo showing Trump standing in an auto plant speaking at a podium in the path of a moving assembly line.

What’s disturbing is that Trumpkins and Trump himself are now citing this ridiculous and poorly written article as proof that Trump pressured Ford into this move.

It was quoted on Right Wing News, and the Donald himself is tweeting about it.

Trump constantly brags about accomplishments that he was never responsible for, and this is no exception.

But what’s sadder is that the person who posted this on Facebook was a Lorain County Commissioner when the great news of this announcement was made back in 2011. He knows full well that it was four years ago and that Donald Trump had absolutely zero involvement. Yet he posted it on Facebook anyway, knowing it’s a lie.

Donald Trump’s minions apparently don’t care what is true and what is not. Just like Trump himself.

UPDATE: Here are additional links from 2011 proving that Ford announced this four years ago.

Ford to move truck production from Mexico to Ohio

Truck line coming to Avon Lake Ford plant

Ford investing $128 million in Avon Lake plant

Trump continues to take credit.

UPDATE: Ford just confirmed our story. The decision to move truck production from Mexico to the Avon Lake, Ohio plant was made in 2011. Trump wasn’t involved.

“Ford has not spoken with Mr. Trump, nor have we made any changes to our plans,” it said in a statement released Monday.

“We decided to move the F-650 and the F-750 medium-duty trucks to Ohio Assembly in 2011, long before any candidates announced their intention to run for U.S. president,” Ford said.

Bill Clinton: We’ve got to destroy Marco Rubio before he gets off the ground

According to author Ed Klein, the Clinton camp is more worried about facing Marco Rubio in the general election than any other Republican candidate. On Fox and Friends this morning, he claims to have interviewed friends of Bill Clinton, who claim that the ex-president actually said that they “need to destroy him before he gets off the ground.”

Watch the clip.

HASSELBECK: “Did the source also correctly say this, and I’ll quote from the source, ‘We’ve got to destroy him before he gets off the ground?'”

KLEIN: “That’s exactly what Bill said. And he said this in front of a group of friends, and I interviewed some of them.”

The Clintons have every reason to be afraid of Rubio. He is the absolute best communicator of conservative solutions for America’s future since Ronald Reagan. Not only can he communicate them, he believes in them.

After watching the debacle of that Democratic debate last night, it’s clear that Rubio would shine on stage opposed to Hillary Clinton.

And now we know that the Clintons believe so too.

PG Sittenfeld to run ads hitting Ted Strickland for refusing to debate

Tonight is the first presidential debate for the Democrats. We’ll see 5 old white people on stage, racing to the left as avowed socialist Bernie Sanders has become a serious threat to Hillary Clinton.

Another Democrat will be using the time to introduce himself. However, he won’t be on stage.

Cincinnati councilman P.G. Sittenfeld is challenging Ted Strickland in next year’s primary for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat, currently occupied by Republican Rob Portman. The winner will take on Portman in the general.

The Ohio Democratic Party months ago endorsed the former governor, much to the chagrin of many Ohio Democrats who believe the state party should stay out of the primary.

The state party even refused to let Sittenfeld speak at their state dinner. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill, the only Democrat on the court and one of the only two statewide elected Democrats, was quite miffed when the ODP appeared to “coronate” Strickland. He posted an angry rant on Facebook when it happened.


Sittenfeld has also challenged Strickland to a series of debates, but Strickland doesn’t want to debate him. During tonight’s debate, Sittenfeld will run an ad asking him why.

Two other ads are also available below. Watch for the dramatic body turn!

Sittenfeld might be a statewide player in the future, but he’s got quite a wall to climb since Strickland has near universal name recognition as the former governor (who wrecked Ohio). Strickland also will raise many times more funds than Sittenfeld.

Why is Ted Strickland afraid of P.G. Sittenfeld?

Marco Rubio to lay out his energy platform in Ohio next week

rubio-marcoSenator Marco Rubio will return to Ohio on Friday, October 16th.

This visit will not be just another campaign rally, however. The center-right presidential candidate will speak about his vision for the future of America’s energy policy. This is why he chose Salem, Ohio, which is in the heart of Ohio’s Utica and Marcellus shale region.

This will be the 4th public event that Rubio has held in Ohio since announcing his run for the presidency. He has been steadily rising in the polls since the last GOP debate and is currently ranked fourth in the RCP poll average at 9.9%. Of the candidates who are current or former elected officials, he is #1, ahead of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Thanks to Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and his staff for bringing Marco back to the Buckeye State.

The event is free but registration is required. You can register by clicking this link.