Bad Week For Borges Continues As Gibbs Endorses Timken For ORP Chair

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges is having a challenging week.

Ohio native Bob Paduchik, who the Ohio Republican Party mocked by creating a crudely named fake Twitter account, was named RNC Co-Chair. Borges had set his ambitions to move to the RNC and his poor calculations against Trump have cost him a promotion in addition to soiling his reputation. He looks incredibly foolish now that Paduchik has a new role at the RNC.

Borges also has a challenger in his quest for another term as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Stark County GOP Vice Chair Jane Timken has thrown her hat into ring to succeed Borges. And Timken has the backing of one of Ohio’s Congressmen.

Congressman Bob Gibbs sent a letter to State Central Committee Members stating that it’s time for a change in leadership at the Ohio Republican Party.

Bob Gibbs SCC letter

Bob Gibbs SCC letter

I expect that Gibbs is just the first big endorsement for Timken. Others will get behind Timken as they want to work with the Trump Administration. Borges can’t erase the damage he did with not only Trump, but with grassroots Republicans. The best way to heal those wounds and move forward is to replace him.

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7 thoughts on “Bad Week For Borges Continues As Gibbs Endorses Timken For ORP Chair”

  1. Well, Gibbs does represent Stark County. If he didn’t endorse she’d be in serious trouble. For now, less than newsworthy. Then again, Thirdbase has never shied away from “less than newsworthy.”

    I wonder, how the newfound affinity for Mrs. Timken meshes with all of the anti-Zawistowski articles you wrote back in ’11.

    You guys are just like Hillary Clinton, triangulating and blowing with the wind.

    1. Less than newsworthy, LOL. Right. The first GOP congressman comes out for Borges’s opponent but its not newsworthy. Clown comment bro.

      And Tom Zawistowski is still a clown show who delivers zero votes and has no influence. Just ask Congressman Lynch.

      1. We’re one week out and Mrs. Timken hasn’t locked down all the congressional endorsement in her own county!

        I rest my case. Less than newsworthy.

        As to your, “I blog, therefore I am existence,” keep it up. The world needs pretenders.

  2. I certainly would support Jane Timken over Matt Borges. Hell I’d support Kevin DeWine over Borges — and DeWine was a complete failure as ORP chair.

    Hey just wondering when we will see a good discussion about what all the #NeverTrump folks actually accomplished in this last election cycle? Me? I’m still trying to figure that out.

  3. Borges has completely alienated the grassroots who make this party go. Out of state GOP operatives were shocked early on during the Presidential race just how pissed off the grassroots are at Borges. Borges’s actions confirmed what everyone already knew, his only loyalty is to himself.

    1. Yes, Poudel you have that exactly right. Borges the back-stabber is loyal to himself and to his overlord John-the-arrogant Kasich. Poster boys of the late great ORP. They are saved by the fact that the ODP is even worse. I read reading as how they had to about tie Kasich down and sedate him after Trump’s big election win. Ohio John-Boy was salivating to go public with a big I-told-you-so speech and then declare himself as the GOP candidate for 2020. It must have killed those two trolls to see Trump carry Ohio by 8.5% — they did nothing to help. They were part of the brilliant #NeverTrump Illuminati don’t ya know!

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