EXCLUSIVE: ORP Caught Managing Fake Twitter Account To Attack Trump Campaign

The Ohio Republican Party continues to eat sour grapes over the presidential election. The Trump campaign’s Ohio point person, Bob Paduchik, sent a letter tossing John Kasich’s handpicked Chairman Matt Borges to the wind for working against the campaign.

Borges is trying to become the next RNC Chairman, but all he’s proven in the past couple of weeks is that he’s not ready for amateur hour.

There has been suspicion that the ORP has been using fake Twitter accounts to not only attack Democrats and the press but also other Republicans. And now there is proof!

Twitter will sync your contacts with their Twitter handles. And Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Katie Eagan contact card shows that she is running the account @BobPadoucheBag.


So, under the direction of Matt Borges, the Ohio Republican Party is attacking the Trump campaign. In case the Twitter account is deleted, a screenshot is below.


The ORP was outsmarted by a smart phone. Eagan’s attempt to smear Paduchik was exposed right through her contact card in an iPhone.

Another ORP alumni who recently worked for John Kasich’s Super Pac has been attacking Paduchik on Twitter also. Dave Luketic tweeted using the #ImWithMatt hashtag to disparage Paduchik as well. Except, Luketic probably should look at history as Paduchik successfully ran campaigns in 2000 and 2004 for Bush Cheney in Ohio and Rob Portman in 2010.


Matt Borges wants to be the next RNC Chair, but he is working against the nominee of the party that he chairs. This backhanded approach isn’t about “principles” because Trump is the nominee. This is about Borges’ quest for power and a future presidential run by John Kasich.

We cannot have a Chairman who works against Republicans and the grassroots activists of the party. Borges should resign as Ohio Republican Party Chairman and give up the quest for RNC Chairman.


Author: Rachel

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  1. If the State Central Committee can’t focus THEIR EMPLOYEES on doing THEIR JOB, they should resign. Geeze, it’s like having the top management of Ford embedded in and for Toyota. Exactly what the voters are tired, tired, tired of.

    1. Crappiest car I ever owned was a Ford. Been driving Toyotas for 35 years or more. My Right Wing brother (who I love) calls Toyotas “rice burners”. I don’t have the heart to point out to him how much time his Ford truck spends “in the shop”.

  2. It seems some folks here are quite peeved at John Kasich and Matt Borges because they appear to be sticking to their guns (read principles) and are not endorsing a candidate nominated by their party, who they find to be unfit for office. Somebody around here said about three years ago (Nov. 13, 2013) “some of us have daughters who we want to protect from your objectification” and criticized those who “view women as ‘walking lady parts'”. Now they are endorsing and defending a candidate who has a validated history of the very same thing. Who has boasted about it and how he is able to get away with it. They want to put him in the White House. My how times change.

    Whatever happened to the good old SB5 days around here, when John Kasich was Jesus Christ Almighty?

    (I just this minute heard Scottie Nell Hughes (blonde) refer to Trump’s words as “boy talk” and literally shout that all “those other women were lying”. Just this minute. I hear Clairol Golden Beach Blonde is good. $7.99 at Walgreens.)

    1. Please point to where I defended any of those things? Pointing out issues with the party is pointing out issues with the party.

      The party has a job to support the nominees, not conspire against them.

      1. It seems that by criticizing party members that do not support Trump and by inferring that they should be supporting Trump, you are supporting Trump. Aren’t you? Apparently Trump’s lack of moral character (a gentle description on my part) means nothing to you. You apparently want Trump in office. “The party has a job to support the nominee(s)”. Even if the nominee is a buffoon. What happened to the “objectification” of women? It seems Kasich and Borges at least have the balls to split from partyspeak when it comes to discarding their own principles (I know, that’s a word you say doesn’t apply here).

        1. Actually, I am #NeverTrump. But we will still report on misdeeds within ORP.

          Kasich remade the ORP to be his presidential campaign. He did that right after he was elected governor, because he knew back then that he was running for POTUS. The conflicts that has created have been many.

          Don’t shoot the messenger.

          1. Nick….where ya’ been?? Nice to hear from you. I really didn’t think (from the old days) that you’d be clueless enough (or enough of a sheep) to fall in the Trump pile. Nice to know I was right. Rachel, on the other hand…..

            It seems that Kasich and Borges interests and loyalties lie in trying to salvage what’s left of your party rather than putting an orange, egomaniacal, misogynistic, rich-boy clown in the White House. And although I’m sure you’re not interested in it, if you want my opinion, your best bet in 2020 would be Told-You-So Kasich and not Stand-By-Your-Man-No-Matter-How-Clinically-Insane-He-Is-Mike Pence.

            Nice to see you come to the lady’s defense. It’s good to know that chivalry is not dead.

          2. #NeverTrump eh? Sounds so noble doesn’t i? So if Donald Trump loses (as looks likely) who is most responsible for President Hillary Clinton — the poor performance by the candidate himself (no denying or defending that to be honest) or was it the back stabbing and dirty tricks by the GOP who for some reason (that they can’t really articulate?) saw DJT as a BIGGER risk to the nation than HRC Now that’s saying something – see link below.
            I supported Rubio until he was gone and Cruz until he lost. But as the sh*t begins to hit the fan after January 2017 I can honestly tell all my grand kids that I did every thing in my power to preserve a free country for them to grow up in. How about it all you #NeverTrumps –what can you say?

        2. The job of the Chairman is to support the nominee. If principles are being cited as the objection, then the principled thing to do would be to resign. It’s rather simple.

          1. Wasn’t it the Trump Campaign that severed ties with and then denounced your ORP and not the other way around? Look at what your candidate said and did to and about GOP office holders and the like who criticized and withdrew support from him. Look at what he is now saying about the elective process. Your candidate is a lunatic. Yet you still expect your party to support him. Your party is eating it’s own. You are a very real part of that. By continuing the “Support The Candidate” mantra you are unquestionably endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States. It’s rather simple.

            Nick knows better.

            (as I write this, Kellyanne Conway (blonde) is droning from the television across the room, defending Trump’s allegations that the elections will be rigged. she’s complaining that people are calling Mr. Trump names. honest to god, she is.)

  3. In Trump the Party is reaping what it has sown for the past 8, 12, 16, 20 years. It has used divisiveness, smear tactics, fear, the gun lobby, appealed to the lowest common denominator, let radio talk show loons like Limbaugh and Beck, Tea Party candidates and personalities, Sarah Palin, evangelicals, and television preachers be the mouthpiece of their party without question. The Party, in no small part, is responsible for the political atmosphere that allowed an unstable, lunatic like Trump to get to the place he is today. The Party created the Base. The Base nominated Trump. The Party didn’t just shoot itself in the foot. It put a .45 caliber slug through it’s thick skull.

    1. You seem to be a serious bigot…you forgot to include police, veterans, folks who oppose partial birth abortion, and NASCAR fans in your hate filled diatribe.

        1. Judging from what you write I’d say yes you are hostile and dismissive. Or maybe you think those are laudable traits? BTW it is the base that elects republicans to office in Ohio — you apparently have a problem with that?

  4. John Kasich was roughly 1 – 49 in the GOP primaries this summer rather silly to think he’ll be the “front runner” in 2020. John Kasich is just a democrat who happens to have an “R” next to his name and I think the democrats will have their own candidate in 2020. And as to John Kasich and his “principles” – – he raised his hand in Cleveland and pledged in from of all the GOP voters to support the GOP nominee….instead he sabotaged him. Yeah that will play well.

    1. After the election and the ensuing years Trump will go back to being a regular on the near obscene Howard Stern Show, some witless television network (probably Fox) will offer him another reality show, he will go from being Donald Trump, America’s Only Hope back to being Donald Trump, Entrepreneur. All Kasich and the Democratic opposition has to do is point out who remained committed to Trump and who knew better and any reasoning voter with a modicum of intelligence just might take it from there.

      1. Dream on. Most likely he’ll be remembered as person who goes back on his word. Not supporting the party’s nominee on principle (or more on spite) is one thing – to sabotage the party’s choice is quite another..I expect that he’ll cozy up to Hillary to help make her administration “bi-partisan” then he can help her bring the nation under a world order.

  5. Just another example of the Ohio Republican Party fighting to elect Democrats. Borges is as corrupt as it gets. This is an insult to all the volunteers who bust their asses for Republicans by volunteering across the state. They won’t see a dime from me until Borges and Eagan are gone!!

    1. i said that when it was a Kevin DeWine cabal too – he actually looks almost good compared to Borges who is just a Kasich tool. Nothing improves with the ORP they are totally dominated by the rino culture. I guess the logic is vote republican because they are not stark raving progresso-socialist-UN-no borders culture like the democrats. Two parties both dedicated to destroying traditional America. At least the democrats are open about their intentions….

  6. Shouldn’t the Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party have work to do just 3 weeks before a Presidential election? It’s as if the ORP has been on strike since March 16th. On the plus side, if Borges publicly tolerates this behavior from his employees it just puts another nail in his bid to be the next RNC Chair.

  7. The bigger question is will the State Central Committee tolerate this of their employees? Regardless of who the nominee is, there is a duty. The voters, who are the Republican party, elected a nominee. The State Central Committee members’ are obligated to support that nominee. If they tolerate their employees sabotaging the party’s nominee, then they fail their oath. If, for personal reasons, they cannot keep their oath, do their duty, there is a simple fix. Resign.

    1. Yes, sad to say, I think they will tolerate it — If I am not mistaken the Central Committee is still pretty much under the thumb of Kasich and Borges though I have not seen a head count on that in at least a year. The ORP has been essentially ALO for the national ticket –. While canvassing my precinct for the state and national GOP tickets last month I stopped in at the home of our precinct chairman, Anthony Strike, who refused to take Trump literature from me.

    1. Exactly. Cockroaches scatter when the light comes on — always have always will. Traditional America has been destroyed as much by the Janus-faced treachery and cowardice of republicans as by the of abhorrent war on liberty and free will by the democrats.

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