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BREAKING – Leaked Progress Ohio memo says Issue 2 may be a dead heat

We have been warning about the bad news in the recent polls on Issue 2, and have stated why the huge wins they show for the anti-reform side won’t be as big as the polls suggest. Now, the Washington Post is reporting on a leaked memo from liberal mob Progress Ohio to the “We Are Ohio” union front group. They also believe it’s a LOT closer!

An internal memo from a key labor-backed group in the state is flatly warning that the polls are “flawed” and that a big win for labor is not even “remotely possible.” It adds that the right’s messaging has “worked,” and that there’s good reason to suspect that a “massive amount of voter confusion remains,” suggesting the fight could still go either way.

“Those predicting a blowout for our side are basing their analysis on flawed public polling samples,” reads the memo, which was circulated to labor and political operatives involved in the fight by Brian Rothenberg, the executive director of Progress Ohio, which is partly bankrolled by labor. It was forwarded my way by a source.

The memo goes on to describe some of the same reasons we have stated before why the unions should not be expecting to cruise to a 20 point victory. The language used in the polls is not the same as will appear on the ballot, and previous polls of ballot issues on Ohio have been notoriously innaccurate.

But the memo warns that the question wording in the two polls is so flawed as to be unreliable, because neither poll used the language voters will see on the Issue 2 ballot. “Keep in mind, neither of these polls tested the actual ballot language,” the memo says. “It’s a safe bet, if the actual ‘Issue 2’ language were polled that the margin would have been substantially narrower.”
The memo also points out that public polls on three previous Ohio ballot initiatives — a 2004 same sex marriage ban; a 2005 election reform initiative; and a 2009 measure to build casinos — were all off by wide margins.

Indeed, two years ago today, polls showed support for the casino measure winning by 18%. It ended up passing with only 52% of the vote.

Do not give up on this issue, Ohio! We need these reforms to help bring back our state.  Get involved by visiting Building a Better Ohio.  Even if you just forward this video about the enormous successes of the Wisconsin reforms, do something now!  Light up Twitter and Facebook with it.

And of course, you can even get out and vote early NOW.  Vote YES on Issue 2.

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