Buckeye Firearms regretting Strickland endorsement?

Guest posted by Bytor

Ted Strickland made a big deal out of his pro-gun past in the 2010 gubernatorial election. John Kasich has a spotty record of defending gun rights, and while in Congress, Strickland certainly did vote on the side of gun owners and sportsmen.

It was a smart move and was very successful. Strickland managed to get endorsements from not only from the NRA, but Ohio’s 2 largest pro-2nd amendment groups, Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA), and Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OFCC), as well. No doubt, the closeness of the race was due in part to this strategy, as he undoubtedly pulled some voters over to his side who would normally have voted for a Republican.

Many of the rank and file members of these groups, however, were not convinced, and in fact, very angry over the endorsements. They pointed out that Strickland had done little as governor to promote their cause, and that no endorsements should have been given in the race. Quite a few cancelled their memberships. It became a very divisive issue within BFA and OFCC.

So how did Ted Strickland repay these groups, who almost helped to propel him to reelection against a massive red wave? He stabbed them in the back. On December 10, he appointed his running mate, F-rated Yvette McGee Brown, to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Of course, BFA feels betrayed. BFA Vice Chairman Chad D. Baus wrote,

“Despite a 100% pro-gun record, and despite having nearly ridden that wave of pro-gun support to victory once again, as one of his last official acts as governor, Ted Strickland made an unquestionably anti-gun political appointment. When gun owners needed a friend in the OSC appointment to ensure a qualified justice without a personal agenda, Governor Strickland looked the other way and appointed his former running mate and anti-gun advocate to the bench. Friends and politics have once again won out over principle.”

And while OFCC has remained silent on the matter, their members have not.

At least we can finally put to rest the assertion that Ted Strickland was a pro-gun governor. He got a lot of mileage out of his congressional votes, earning himself those endorsements. But in the end, he turned his back on Ohio gun owners by refusing to publicly urge his own party to allow a simple vote on 2 pro-2A bills that were very important to the groups who endorsed him. Then, he flat out gave them the finger.

Thanks for nothing, Ted.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

8 thoughts on “Buckeye Firearms regretting Strickland endorsement?”

  1. Um, Bytor, you seem to forget that Strickland signed the Castle Doctrine legislation into law as Governor.

    Meanwhile, what’s John Kasich promised to do for gun right voters? Nothing.

    He’s been utterly silent on restaurant right-to-carry. Still trying to hide the fact that he has a horrible gun record that includes opposing the repeal of D.C. unconstitutional handgun ban.

    Is one seat on the Ohio Supreme Court going to make a difference on gun issues? Nope. The law is pretty much established in Ohio and Brown is bound by precedent.

    Quit trying to relitigate a campaign your candidate won.

  2. I clearly have stated that Kasich does not have a good 2A record. I’m not hiding anything, Modern. Did you even read the post? Or the article by Baus? There’s no pretending that Kasich has a bad record with gun owners. Unlike you, I can be intellectually honest about who I support and admit there are issues I disagree with him on.

    And that’s not the point. The point is that Strickland got the endorsements. Kasich did not run as a pro-gun candidate. Strickland did. Strickland is supposedly pro-gun. This appointment is not one that is made by an A plus rated candidate.

    As far as having no effect on law, tell that to the court that just upheld state pre-emption. Oh… guess who voted that cities like Cleveland can keep violating state law by harassing law abiding gun owners? Another Strickland anti-gun appointment, Eric Brown.

    So your argument that the law is established is a flat out lie. As an attorney, you already know this, of course, but your defense of Ted, no matter how wrong he is, apparently knows no bounds.

    One seat on the court doesn’t make a difference? By those rules, kasich was only one vote for the Clinton AWB. What a stupid argument.

    You’ve bragged about the pro-gun endorsements all year. How about you ask each one about this appointment and let us know what they say?

  3. Actually, Kasich (and this blog) routinely tried to campaign as a pro-gun candidate. Sorry, read your co-author on this blog sometime.

    Um, the pre-emption decision was rendered before Yvette McGee-Brown was appointed. Thus, it was established law and precedent.

    And regardless, the home rule issue was more complex than you present it anyways.

    Kasich didn’t just VOTE for the AWB, he pushed other Republicans to support it to.

    Kasich also ran on an anti-gun platform as President.

    Then, he runs for Governor and declares he agrees with the NRA more than his own wife. Poor, Karen.

  4. The point is, that the OSC just made a major ruling on Ohio gun laws, and you’re saying that a seat that Ted filled on the OSC doesn’t make any difference. Does not compute.

    Kasich did not run as the pro gun candidate. That’s ridiculous. And who is changing the subject now?

    Again, S
    trickland got the endorsements.
    “Ted Stricklands final legacy for Ohio gun owners is anti-gun.”

    BFAs words. Not mine. Ouch. Ted betrayed them and they know it.

    So do you.

  5. Yep the born appointment is disappointing. No doubt. However, Born doesn’t have the power to interpret the law like Brown does.

    Time will tell whether Kasich has changed his stripes on gun rights or not.

  6. They SHOULD regret their endorsement of Strickland. Serves them right. In general I support gun rights and GR organizations but I am tired of their totally “one-issue” mentality. Organizations like NRA obviously care most about the 2nd amendment – that’s fine. But they have sorry track record of supporting some otherwise disgusting candidates (like Strickland)who will promise pro-2nd A. They seem too willing to ignore how poor these candidates stances are on other key issues — like the 1st A, taxes & spending, crime, abortion, etc etc. I hang up when the NRA calls for help these days – used to support them.
    OTOH, Kasich had better start listening to the Ohio voters and not just the females in his house on gun rights.

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