Chrysler to Ohio Democrats: Shut it, fools.

Last week held great news for the Toledo area when Governor Kasich was on hand at Chrysler’s Jeep plant to announce a $500 million expansion that will bring 1100 new jobs. It was truly good news, and most Ohioans celebrated the news of the deal. Most, except for Ohio Democrats, that is. They were actually releasing statements demanding that Governor Kasich not take any credit for helping to bring the new jobs to Ohio.

COLUMBUS – Today, Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro (D-Hubbard) and State Representative Matt Szollosi (D-Toledo) called on Governor John Kasich to stop taking credit for the recovery of Ohio’s auto industry and criticized Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney’s continued opposition to the investment that led to the recovery.

Wow. A day of good news, and these folks’ first thought was to lash out. Good jobs news for Ohio now seems to be bad news to Ohio Democrats. Sad. The misinformation continues:

“We have a gentleman running for president named Mitt Romney, who has openly said that he believes that we should have let the auto industry go bankrupt. I certainly believe that those comments made by Governor Romney, were not only insensitive but misguided and certainly wrong because what we have seen is that the money that the government had invested in General Motors in particular has been paid back and paid forward.”

No, Senator Cafaro, the bailout to GM was not paid back. They “paid back” the loans with money borrowed from TARP. They still owe taxpayers billions. Even Democrat U.S. Senator Tom Carper said “It sounds like it’s kind of like taking money out of one pocket and putting in the other.”

Furthermore, GM and Chrysler did go bankrupt! Which is exactly what folks like Romney said should happen. Anyway, back to the Chrysler expansion in Toledo…

This morning, the Columbus Dispatch reported on a statement from Chrysler.

In an emailed statement to The Dispatch today, Chrysler said the Kasich administration’s offer was “essential” to bringing new auto jobs to northwest Ohio.

“Governor Kasich and his administration offered incentives to make the business case for future Chrysler Group investment in the State of Ohio,” said a statement from spokeswoman Jodi Tinson, who asked that it be attributed to Chrysler. “The incentives, which included a job creation tax credit, economic development grant and workforce training guarantee, were essential in enabling the company to announce the production of the next generation Jeep SUV as well as the creation of 1,105 new jobs at the Toledo Assembly Complex.”


Chrysler basically just told Cafaro and the other Ohio Democrats that they don’t know what they heck they are talking about. Maybe next time the governor has good news for Ohio jobs, Democrats will think twice before telling him that he shouldn’t be, er…celebrating the good news. Maybe, but I doubt it.

P.S. Notice in the article, even more new Ohio jobs were announced today. At this rate, we’re going to have to create a Jobs Tour 2011 t-shirt or something…

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

6 thoughts on “Chrysler to Ohio Democrats: Shut it, fools.”

  1. Well this time it is so obvious and clear that even Modern can fully understand it, Kasich is the reason for the jobs.

  2. Nobody denied that Kasich offered tax incentives to this plant.

    The point is, and still remains, that Kasich is entirely hypocritical for taking credit when there wouldn’t be a Chrysler but for the auto bailout he, Mitt Romney, and Joshn Mandel apparently opposes.

    Your historical revisionism notwithstanding, Mitt Romney and the other auto bailout critics advocated liquidation of GM, not reorganization, and this company simply would have been in no economic position to expand without TARP.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    (P.S.- The people on this site’s continued obsession about me is pretty creepy.)

  3. Yes, the Kasich jobs T-shirt can read: I blew Ohio’s fourteen month streak of dropping unemployment only to create manufacturing jobs at half the rate of Strickland.”

    BTW, in the past five months, we’ve seen three months of rising unemployment followed by two straight months of job losses. That’s hardly something to celebrate.

    Then there’s the issue of Republic Steel, which you forget in which the CEO of that company explicitly credited Cash for Clunkers and the auto bailout as being instrumental in their ability to survive the recession and reopen its plants.

  4. 1. Modern, you are the one obsessed with this site. You troll here and comment on everything.

    2. Strickland is an absolute fool who oversaw an insane amount of jobs lost from this state. He is a moron who was only semi-alert 30% of the time. He has no leadership skills, the fact that you put him on this golden pedestal says a lot about your vision for Ohio. Most of us try to move on from failure.

    3. The auto industry bailout had nothing to do with Romney, Mandel, or Kasich. Are you suggesting that if Kasich did not support the bailout he should force all the auto plants in Ohio to close? If so, that is a really dumb argument, even from you…. It was done, and we have to move on and make the best of it. Which is what JK did, by helping to create thousands of new jobs. You are a prefect progressive, only happy when it benefits your cause.

    4. Sherrod Brown is going down to any Republican candidate. He is a total puppet to big labor and big labor money. We need a Senator to represent all of Ohio, not just the Union Bosses wishes in DC.

  5. He was asked to comment, Rambo. Modern is pretty much the only person who visits this unread site anyway.

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