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Collective bargaining and push polling. I told you so!

Yesterday I commented on how two recent polls about the collective bargaining issue were biased, because the questions were posed as stripping people of “rights”, and argued that the collective bargaining power currently given to public-sector unions in Ohio is a privilege, not a right. It’s my argument that the public is much more evenly divided on the subject than the lopsided results of those two biased polls indicate.

In perfect timing to my post, Quinnipiac has released a new poll this morning, and as usual, they didn’t push for a certain answer, unlike the notorious CBS and USA Today polls I discussed previously. Here is how they posed the question.

In order to reduce state budget deficits, would you support or oppose limiting collective bargaining for public employees?

Guess what? 45% support, 42% oppose.

They also found that people agree, by a 2-1 margin, that public employees should pay more for their benefits and retirement.

Which is exactly what limiting collective bargaining is all about, allowing state and local governments to better manage their costs and our taxpayer dollars.

Props to Quinnipiac for conducting a fair and unbiased poll on the issue. They asked a proper question without adding in the emotional tripwire by including inappropriate terms such as “rights”.

I told you so.

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