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Columbus Dispatch: Its time for collective bargaining reform

Public sector employees enjoy far and away better compensation and benefits than we in the private sector. Unsustainable health and pension plans are one of the biggest challenges to state budgets across the country. The laws in Ohio are tilted in the unions favor. And you and I are the ones paying the bill. Its time for that to change, and the Columbus Dispatch agrees.

The fight brewing in the Ohio legislature over Senate Bill 5 could be monumental, but it is necessary. Ohio laws governing collective bargaining for public employees and teachers-union contracts deprive public employers — that is, taxpayers — of essential management rights. At the core, they hamper public employers’ ability to decide how much tax money to spend on personnel, which makes up the bulk of most government budgets.

That was objectionable enough in flush times, but as state and local leaders grapple with crushing budget deficits, it is unsustainable.

The rules have to change, to free state agencies and local governments of many of the employment mandates that have burdened budgets and stymied innovation and flexibility.

Go read the whole thing. The fact is, the public also knows that government compensation is out of control, and favors reducing that compensation to balance Ohio’s budget.

So, how are the unions reacting? What is their well reasoned argument that they deserve to be better compensated THAN private sector workers AT private sector workers expense? Surely, they have a reasonable response.

Well, if you think government compensation should be reduced in order to balance the budget, you must be mentally retarded, according to one government employee union boss.

Well, that’s quite a convincing argument. Let’s see what clever argument our old friend Chris Redfern, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, comes up with to counter the Dispatch’s well thought out opinion.

“Cbus Dispatch hates public union members that care for grandparents, protect us, fight fires”

Gee, that’s brilliant, Chairman Redfern. The same old demonization the left brings out every time. Sounds a lot like “disagreement with Obama is rooted in racism.”

These folks are so predictable sometimes.

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