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Community Organizer in Chief fails at governing, returns to his roots.

President Obama has major issues to deal with at the national level.

We have a $1.5 trillion budget that he pretends does not exist. With his latest budget proposal, he is running away from our nation’s budget problems, similar to how his friends in the Wisconsin Senate are literally running away from theirs.

The Arab world is erupting in protest against their rulers. They are shooting people in the streets in cold blood. But because of not having prepared for situations such as in Egypt, Obama’s foreign policy is making a mockery of itself. They have been running from statement to statement, each contradicting the last, and generally making fools of themselves in front of the world.

His unconstitutional Obamacare law is under attack from all sides. Half the states are suing to overturn it. The House just stripped funding for its implementation from the budget. And a federal judge has declared the entire act null and void.

So how is he handling these national crises? By interfering in the states business of protecting their citizens and balancing their own budgets.

First we had him suing the state of Arizona over their attempt to combat illegal immigration in their state, in the absence of the federal government’s willingness to do its job of securing our borders.

Now we have him meddling in the business of governors and legislators in Wisconsin, and here in Ohio, who are tackling very difficult budgets.

While we can certainly look to Jimmy Carter for a parallel of another completely incompetent president, I don’t think there has ever been another president who purposely stirred up opposition and trouble for lawmakers at the state level. Obama never turned off his campaign machine. We saw him using his minions, sending them from place to place, during the Obamacare debate before its passage, and in support of his preferred candidates in the midterm elections.

But those were still national issues. Now, he is purposefully interfering in matters that do not concern the President of the United States.

Having no executive experience before assuming elected office of any type, Obama’s only claim to fame was that he was a community organizer. A rabble-rouser. An ACORN trouble maker associated with an organization that intimidated and threatened bank executives into making bad loans by accusing them of racism and greed.

Many of us pleaded the rest of the country to look at Obama’s track record of radicalism, and his lack of a track record of actually running anything. Of governing.

Now, two years later, his failure as a leader, his failure at actually governing, has exceeded even our initial expectations. His recent budget proposal shows that he isn’t even trying anymore. How ironic, then, is it, that he has completely abdicated his responsibility to govern, and has returned to his roots to once again stir up trouble for those who are trying to responsibly govern with the people’s money.

He now uses his office not to do the work of the President of the United States, but to tap its power to be the ultimate rabble-rouser. Having found himself a failure as commander-in-chief, he has returned to what he does best. He is our community organizer-in-chief.

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