A couple of quick follow-ups to our post yesterday about the new jobs Governor Kasich’s administration helped bring to Ohio.

Out of work for more than a year, Graylin Gunn said the Chrysler deal offers hope. THE BLADE/ANDY MORRISON

First, GOHP Blog has some additional information about the Republic Steel plant in Lorain. Guess what happened at that plant under Ted Strickland’s tenure?

But there’s no need to look at press releases when you have concrete results to compare.

Ohio three years ago under Ted Strickland:

Republic Steel to Layoff Hundreds
The Republic Engineered Products Steel Plant will idle their Lorain plant next month, resulting in the layoffs of several hundred workers.

According to spokesperson Ken Braun, the plant will be idled in December and will be shutdown as long as necessary based on current economic conditions.

Ohio today under John Kasich:

Republic Steel And Gov. Kasich Announce 449 New Jobs Coming To Lorain
Governor John Kasich announced on Wednesday that Republic Steel is investing $85 million in a new electric arc furnace at its steelworks in Lorain.

Company officials said the project would eventually create 449 new jobs, and help retain 489 positions at the facility…

…It’s estimated the project will generate one billion dollars a year in economic activity in Ohio.

The same plant was laying off workers under Strickland, and just a few short years later is adding 450 jobs and retaining another 480 jobs under Kasich’s watch. And this isn’t just some retail box store ramping up for the holiday season.

Additionally, here’s a quote from Republic’s president, something we never heard from a business leader while Ted Strickland was governor.

With Gov. John Kasich standing at his side, Republic President and Chief Executive Jaime Vigil, pronounced vi-heel, said, “It was easy to chose Lorain, Ohio, over other locations in the United States and other parts of the world.”

Finally, some folks out there are trying to claim, although they have zero proof of it, that it was Ted Strickland’s administration who started negotiations with Chrysler to bring the huge expansion that was announced yesterday. Not so.

“It was a deal that Jobs Ohio put together,” Mr. Kasich’s spokesman Robert Nichols said, referencing the governor’s semi-private job creation entity. “It was started in March of this year and occurred entirely within our administration.”

Someone’s getting the jobs done.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

10 thoughts on “Contrasts”

  1. Yet more absolute lies on this site in an effort to deny how wrong Kasich has been on economic policy.

    Here’s a key quote you curiously omitted from the same CEO of Republic Steel:
    “Nonetheless, 55 percent of the steel produced by Republic is for the auto industry, Vigil said. He said the auto industry’s rebound and plant expansion wouldn’t have been possible without the Obama adminstration’s 2009 auto bailout that Kasich had opposed at the time.”

    Also the Republic Steel project, according to MULTIPLE press reports had been in the works for TWO YEARS (i.e.- during the Strickland Administration.)

    And no executive every said something similar during Strickland’s term?

    GM Chevy Cruze plant in Lordstown ring a bell? How about steel in Youngstown?

    You guys should be ASHAMED of yourselves. You, like Kasich, said that defeat of Issue 2 would harm our economy, now you’re trying to rehab Kasich’s image to give him credit for economic development projects that wouldn’t even be possible but for the stimulus and auto bailouts.

    Yeah, jobs were loss in the recession. Big newsflash. But Strickland and Obama’s policies mitigated the damage and positioned these companies for growth now. Policies you and Kasich opposed and called them socialists for supporting.

    Seriously, your fanboy love of Kasich is so ridiculous you want to give him credit for something he had virtually nothing to do with and was well in the works before he was Governor. Pathetic

  2. Modern, do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Aren’t you embarrassed?

    It’s absolutely comical for you to blame the recession for jobs lost during Stickland’s term…and then turn around and give Strickland the credit for jobs created during Kasich’s.

    I’m glad I don’t have to go out and make that absurd argument. I feel for you.

  3. Also the Republic Steel project, according to MULTIPLE press reports had been in the works for TWO YEARS (i.e.- during the Strickland Administration.)

    Um.. sure, but yesterday you claimed that Strickland was responsible for starting negotiations for the Chrysler expansion. Got prrof for that? Never mind…of course you don’t.

    And aren’t you embarrassed about pointing out that Strickland started something but failed to finish it? And that it took Kasich’s administration to actually get the deal done and bring the jobs?


  4. Bytor-

    There was more to a deal than just the State side. There’s no proof that Strickland “held it up” as you ridiculously assert until Kasich got it done (in nine months.)

    Regardless, you keep dancing on how Kasich should get credit for things that wouldn’t be possible except for the economic policies he opposed and ran on a platform to stop.

    The reality is that if you compare Kasich’s record so far in office to the same period a year prior, Ohio was gaining nearly twice as many manufacturing jobs under Strickland than Kasich.

    Marcy Kaptur was at the event in Toledo because she supported the auto bailout that made it possible for there to be a Chrysler to expand.

  5. Bytor- If you have any experience with econ development (which you clearly don’t) you realize these things never happen overnight and take years of prep work and planning, virtually none of which involved Kasich. These are the facts as stated by the people involved that don’t work for Kasich.

  6. The reality is that if you compare Kasich’s record so far in office to the same period a year prior, Ohio was gaining nearly twice as many manufacturing jobs under Strickland than Kasich.

    Good lord, Modern, do you REALLY want to go there? From the beginning of Strickland’s term to the end, Ohio lost 156,000 manufacturing jobs.

    Yet you want to cherry pick a 9 month time period after he took us to rock-bottom and say “look what Ted did?!”

    Further, you’re comparing Ted’s last year to Kasich’s FIRST. It’s not an equal comparison. Let’s compare first year to first year:

    Stickland first 9 mos: -12,000 mfg jobs
    Kasich first 9 mos: +5300 mfg jobs

  7. If Kasich personally saved a woman from a burning building, Modern would complain that he wasn’t singing the newest top 40 hit while he did it…

  8. Bytor- I love how you accuse me of cherry picking data, and then you do it to absurdity.

    The point is that during the time THIS SITE and Kasich were screaming about how Strickland was doing nothing about good paying jobs like in manufacturing, Ohio was actually creating those jobs at nearly twice the rate they have been so far under Kasich.

    Seriously, not even JOHN KASICH is claiming that John Kasich is responsible for these jobs. He just politely applauded them as good news for Ohio, as do I. Because Kasich knows that he played a pretty insignificant role in this, especially since both developments are the direct result of policies that he vehemently opposed so much he called them bad for the economy.

  9. I’m sorry, Modern. I get it now.

    Jobs LOST while Strickland was governor aren’t his fault and shouldn’t be counted.

    Jobs GAINED while Strickland was governor are totally due to Strickland

    Jobs gained while Kasich is governor have nothing to do with Kasich.

    I’ll try keep that straight going forward.

  10. Bytor-

    It’s funny how you find it incredible that someone would dare suggest that jobs are lost in a recession are due to economics, not politics.

    I bet it’s blowing your mind that the UAW is getting credit for the work they’ve done in Toledo and the fact that their latest contract required the company to commit to these jobs in North America and all.

    So much for the idea that being pro-union is anti-job. Wow, does J. Hart know?

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