Cordray = Isolated

The hits keep coming for Richard Cordray.

As I wrote a couple weeks ago, the attempt to dethrone Chris Redfern as Chairman of the ODP was nothing more than a fight between the Cordray and Strickland camps of the party.  

For those not paying attention, Team Cordray really embarrassed themselves once the votes were counted and Redfern/Strickland easily won in a landslide.  To make matters worse, Democrat county chairman across the state were speaking on the record about Cordray’s blundered attempt to take over the state party.

Today, Brent Larkin wrote an article that describes Team Cordray’s failure and the isolation that Cordray is likely to feel from Democrats throughout Ohio as a result.

Although his people claim he wasn’t involved, anyone that thinks Richard Cordray didn’t have a hand in this effort isn’t living in reality.  These were his people, led by his closest aide, actively trying to knock off Redfern and clear a path for Cordray to run in 2014.

It certainly doesn’t help his cause when reporters from the Plain Dealer are calling him “a lousy politician.’  Those who might have previously disagreed with that statement might be singing a different tune after the debacle that was Cordray’s coup attempt.

The Cordray style of political organizing is what one might expect from a middle school student council race, not a candidate for Governor.

The bottom line is that Richard Cordray is boxed into a corner.  The Strickland camp is in control and is going to keep chipping away at him until he can’t run in 2014.  Tim Ryan, another potential candidate, has already fallen in line behind Strickland and Ed Fitzgerald in Cleveland isn’t known by anyone outside Cuyohoga County.

I can’t fathom why Democrats want Strickland to be their standard bearer again (OHIO LOST 400,000 JOBS UNDER HIS WATCH!) but that’s definitely fine with me.

It’s kind of a bummer for Richard Cordray though.  He’s now put himself on the outside looking in.

2 thoughts on “Cordray = Isolated”

  1. (actually, Anonymous #2)

    As I’ve noted here before, in nearly a half century of watching Franklin county dem politics, Cordray is the most remarkable wannabe I’ve ever seen. Like most wannabes, ignorant overreach is one of his hallmarks. The “recess” appointment, given when there was no recess, was one of the most bald faced ‘up yours’ to the Constitution that we’ve seen from a President in a while. But for Cordray, I think it was just another case of blind overreach in service of his greater good. And now, wannabe redux, we have this ham handed and goofy attempt to take over the party so he can be governor. This has already come back to bite him. The consumer bureau appointment and his subsequent witless conduct in office are also likely to work against him. But for the fact that beating up on a 98 pound political weakling like Cordray might make Strickland stronger and unite the rat boy party, I would hope he runs. Could make for some good yuks.

  2. Corday is a terrible campaigner and has lost a lot. Strickland lost 400k jobs and lost as an incumbent. That never happens. Ryan is a hippie. Fitzgerald is probably doing ok but never run statewide. The cupboard is pretty bare for the dems.

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