Tom Z’s Candidate for Governor Calls for Armed Revolution

Bad news, Tom, we did it again. We read someone’s blog.

When Donald Allen (Tom Z’s pick for Gov) isn’t pontificating on his blog about more African Americans in advertising now that Obama is the President, he is advocating for an armed attack on Washington.


Time to plan a spring offensive on Washington, D.C., perhaps a fitting day would be April 15, 2013. Discourse and election campaign promises are over; we must act with armed revolt or our grandchildren will be raised in a communist land, devoid of any semblance to the free America we grew up in. Our military must obey their oaths and not defend the Capitol, but stand with the Revolution. Police must do the same; stand down, and recognize the true traitors for who they are – Congress and President Obama, the moneyed lobbyists of K Street, and all who would transform our Nation from free market capitalism to collective socialism. It ends now.

Check it out for yourself and see what Tom’s candidate has to say. He even picked a date to start; it was April 15, 2013, so maybe the resistance is on temporary hold for a Gubernatorial run.

This isn’t about Dr. Allen, because I haven’t met him and really don’t care what he says. The man has a right to his opinions, however outside the mainstream they are, and it’s perfectly fine to put them in writing online.

This is about Tom’s leadership. He’s fond of throwing rhetorical bombs at us because we do BASIC research that an intern at the Ohio Democratic Party will also do. This is the type of information that comes out in every single campaign, if it wasn’t found by us you can bet Chris Redfern would have.

Tom says that we are thugs because we type his candidate’s names into Google and then read what comes up. Apparently he doesn’t think that other campaigns will do the same when in a race against “his” candidates. He also claims that we are paid by the ORP or Administration, which is also totally false. We don’t receive a penny from anyone.

Here’s your leader Tea Party, someone who admittedly doesn’t vet his candidates, assumes that nobody else will and gets mad if they do. And by “vet”, I mean type a name into a website. It’s not rocket science.

And when he does try to prop up a candidate to run for governor of Ohio he picks someone who has advocated armed revolution against the government. Also someone that you’ve never heard of.

Is this the type of leadership that the Tea Party wants or needs? I’d argue absolutely not. But then again, according to Tom, I am just a thug bought and paid for by the establishment. Who knows how to read a candidate’s blog.

Feel The Momentum!

When given the choice between Ed FITZgERALD and Ed FITZgERALD, Rep. Marcia Fudge chose……….


The Plain Dealer posted an article yesterday that the ODP probably wasn’t too thrilled with.  Despite the fact that there aren’t any other Democrats running for Governor, Rep. Marcia Fudge has decided to not endorse Ed FITZgERALD until after the primary.

No, seriously.

That makes sense though, because I remember my neighbor saying that he wanted to run for Governor.  Maybe Rep. Fudge is waiting for him to decide before endorsing Ed?

My favorite part of the story was this little gem after Fudge was asked about rumors that Ed told her he didn’t need her support:

“Not exactly those words,” Fudge said. “But, I mean, we’ve had some discussions, and I think that he understands very clearly that in order for him to win this election he is going to have to get the communities that I represent. So we are in talks, and they are very cordial. We do not have any animosity. No hard feelings, nothing like that.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Ed’s abilities to bring the party together behind his candidacy.  It’s cool though, Rep. Fudge is only the Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, but apparently that’s not too important.

The real question here is what exactly is Ed thinking?  Does he honestly think that he doesn’t need the support of the African American community?  I don’t think Ed is stupid, so apparently his arrogance is so off the charts that he thinks insulting Rep. Fudge is ok.

Ed hasn’t really had a smooth introduction to the citizens of Ohio.   He didn’t exactly come charging out of the gates by raising barely any money during the first fundraising quarter.  This was a clear sign of his inability to bring the Democratic Party establishment (aka labor) behind his candidacy and no doubt is causing some heartburn at ODP HQ.

To top it off he embarrasses the entire Ohio Democratic Party by insulting one of its most important leaders in Cuyahoga County.

This guy wants to lead Ohio.  I’m not sure he can lead his own campaign.

Stay Classy ODP

You have got to be kidding me.

You might have heard that there was a ceremony at the Statehouse today to honor Ohio’s fallen heroes.  The families of 16 fallen soldiers were present at a joint session of the General Assembly and then followed the Governor to the Statehouse Atrium for a wreath laying ceremony.

By all accounts it was a solemn and emotional ceremony for all involved and worthy of the respect that these fallen soldiers, and their families, rightfully deserve.

Apparently the Ohio Democrat Party didn’t get the message.

Instead of joining the Governor and other elected officials at this ceremony they sent their campaign tracker to videotape the Governor in an attempt to score political points.

Don’t believe me?  We have pictures.



I don’t dispute that campaigns can get nasty sometimes on both sides, but an event to honor Ohio’s fallen heroes is not the venue for such classless behavior.   If you want to videotape the Governor at other public events I get it, but taking advantage of today’s ceremonies is ridiculous.

I am hoping for, but certainly don’t expect, an apology from Ohio Democrats to all of those offended by today’s actions.

Fitzgerald’s Money Problem

Strickland is out.  Obviously he knew Kasich was unstoppable and his own record was incompatible with any chance of victory.

The first rumor out of the gate is Cleveland County Executive Ed FitzGerald is very seriously considering jumping in, and has already hired a number of experienced Ohio political staff.

But there is one huge, glaring problem for Ed FitzGerald.


Word out of Cleveland is that business leaders from around Ohio, and especially significant leaders in the Cleveland business community are telling Ed FitzGerald that now isn’t his time. They don’t want him to run and won’t commit to sending him the cash an unknown like him needs to overcome the Kasich powerhouse.

Now of course this doesn’t mean ALL businesses won’t contribute, but when it comes to fundraising, it’s incredibly important to have a significant network of MAJOR business leaders supporting you. And it’s very clear from what I’m hearing that they aren’t.

Go ahead, media. Ask them. See what they say.

Guess what, the ODP is blowing it in Cuyahoga County. Again.

You likely won’t remember, but in 2010 this blog reported about the underwhelming turnout in Cuyahoga County and its effect on the Ohio governor’s race.

Well, it’s happening again.

Not too long ago, the Ohio Democratic Party showed their first sign of desperation in a tweet – calling out NE Ohio and begging for higher turnout.

Don’t regret today! We need your help RIGHT NOW to boost turnout in NE Ohio and put Dems over the edge

Why the call out?

Because in-person voting in Cuyahoga was just at 23% at 5:00pm.

Let’s look at the numbers.
Data from the Secretary of State showed 253,000 early votes already cast in Cuyahoga County.

23% of in-person voting using total registered Cuyahoga County voters from 2008 would be 255,595 votes for a total of around 508,000 votes.

In 2008, Cuyahoga ended up casting a little more than 678,000 votes.

That means that as of 5:00pm, Cuyahoga County is approximately 170,000 votes short of its 2008 total.

The best part? Reports are that suburban Cuyahoga is overperforming right now, so things may be even worse than these terrible numbers appear.

Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern. You blew it.

So, what the heck is going on out there?

While we do expect some exit polling to be less than ideal, the real numbers on the ground are looking about as well as we could have hoped.

Turnout is heavy in red counties and underperforming in blue counties.

Rich Lowry from NRO has the rundown:

  • Absentee and early vote activity is over 17 percent higher in counties McCain won than counties Obama won, compared to 2008.
  • Turnout is higher in counties and media markets McCain carried in ’08 than in counties and markets Obama carried.
  • There are 34 counties in Ohio that John McCain won where absentee and early vote turnout is over 120 percent of 2008. There are only 9 counties where Obama won four years ago where this is the case.
  • @HotlineJosh: Overall, early vote turnout OH up 2.44% in state. Down -4.1% in Obama/Kerry counties; up 14.39% in Bush/McCain counties.
GOP county turnout up
· Geauga County early vote was 125% more than 2008 early vote
· McCain won Geauga County with 57% and Bush got 60% in ‘04
Dem county turnout down
· Athens County early vote was 10% less than 2008 early vote
· Obama won Athens County with 67%

More on early voting data here in Ohio…

Earlier we talked about how early voting data indicated some positive news for Romney here in Ohio. Early/absentee voting in Democratic counties were underperforming 2008 numbers. In red counties that number was significantly up.

Another report this afternoon means even more good news.
Actual reported early voting data requires that early voting will represent no more than 32% of total vote in Ohio, while virtually every poll was weighted for early voting to occupy ~35-40% of total votes cast. 
 Now recall Obama did well in Ohio-specific polls among early voters, but lost to Romney by a significant margin among election day voters.

So what happens when early voters take up a smaller portion of the electorate?
That’s right, election day voters take on a higher importance.
And that means Romney’s advantage increases.

But it all means nothing if you don’t get out and vote. Get in at your poll location before 7:30 and let’s win Ohio – not just for a Mitt Romney, but for a better tomorrow.

Obama supporter in Summit earns visit from cops, assault charge

As a Republican, it takes some guts to pass out slate cards and voter information in Summit County.

It’s a key county for Democrats and is union heavy.

But that didn’t stop Wayne Darlington from working his Coventry precinct as the line of cars grew longer in the parking lot.

Despite being positioned well outside the required distance from the polling location, an Obama supporter took it upon himself to berate Wayne and then, wait for it…..

….throw his 24 oz. cup of coffee at him.

Fortunately, the act was witnessed by two volunteers and the police were called.

Our understanding is the Obama supporter earned a visit from the Sheriff and is being charged with assault.

What is it with Democrats and coffee throwing anyway?

UPDATE: here are several media links covering the story:

OH GOP volunteer says voter threw coffee at his face, will press charges

Summit County: Republican Party volunteer assaulted

Man charged with assault at Summit County polling place

We don’t blame you if you feel suppressed by the Black Panthers.

When you think of the Black Panthers, what comes to mind…?

Well, if you ask Wikipedia:

From the beginning, the Black Panther Party’s focus on militancy came with a reputation for violence. The Panthers employed a California law that permitted carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun as long as it was publicly displayed and pointed at no one. Carrying weapons openly and making threats against police officers, for example, chants like “The Revolution has co-ome, it’s time to pick up the gu-un. Off the pigs!”, helped create the Panthers’ reputation as a violent organization. 

So, when word has spread that the Black Panthers have swarmed polling locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania, one has to wonder what effect they have on voters.

If you saw someone affiliated with a group known for violence guarding a polling location or Board of Elections, would you be less interested in standing in line to vote?

One might even call this …. [gasp!] …. voter suppression!

We’ve got confirmation of Black Panther activity in Philiadelphia, PA.

Here in Ohio we know of activity in Dayton and Cleveland.

If you witness any threats, folks have been asked to contact the Secret Service at the below numbers:

What to watch for at 7:30 tonight…

The polls close tonight at 7:30.

At that time, and in the minutes after, we’ll learn the early voting/counted absentee results.

Without a doubt, President Obama will be leading.

But by how much?

And what kind of lead will he need to compensate for the election day voters that will most assuredly be pro-Romney.

Conventional wisdom we’re hearing is 60-40. That’s the margin that matters.

If Obama is leading by that margin or more in the first half hour after results begin getting reported, it’s time to worry. If it’s tighter than that, we’ve got a very good shot.

And as we mentioned in the previous post, early indications are that blue counties underperformed and red counties significantly overperformed in early voting.

Again, get out the vote. Yank your neighbors out to the polls with you.

Let’s win this.