EPA Finds That Hydraulic Fracturing Does Not Cause Pollution

If you read some of Ohio’s political blogs you’ve noticed the left constantly preaching that fracking is going to contaminate the water.

Except now we know one very important fact.

They are wrong.

According to an article from yesterday’s International Business Times, hydraulic fracturing was proven to not pollute drinking water in nearby wells.

The tests focused on a number of wells in Dimrock, Pennsylvania.  The residents of this town have been complaining that hydraulic fracturing happening nearby tainted their drinking wells.  After the EPA tests, the water was deemed to “not show levels of contaminants that would give EPA reason to take immediate action.”    

These results confirmed previous testing by Cabot Oil and Gas and the state of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection.
This news is bound to break some hearts in the anti-fracking community and I have no doubt that their reaction will be to denounce the EPA study and call for more studies. 

The problem for the anti-fracking folks is that these recent findings confirm a previous EPA study from March that showed no pollution in local wells as a result of hydraulic fracturing.  How many more tests have to be done (at taxpayer expense) before the anti-fracking community accepts the findings?

Obviously this drilling practice should be done carefully with full regard to environmental laws and regulations.  However, the fact remains that the EPA did two studies on these wells and found nothing.  Is there any reason to think the outcome will change if they keep testing in different locations?

The finding from the EPA is great news to those in Ohio who support the expansion of hydraulic fracturing.  This is sure to benefit Ohio as the interest in our energy resources continues to produce new jobs for Ohioans.

Governor Kasich’s proposed tax plan allows Ohioans to benefit even more through a $500 million income tax cut.  Hopefully the General Assembly joins the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and supports this reasonable proposal.

2 thoughts on “EPA Finds That Hydraulic Fracturing Does Not Cause Pollution”

  1. Unfortunately the Environment Nazis never give up
    and they are difficult to exterminate..
    They are cockroaches..
    GloBull warming is a classic case in point..
    No amount of factual information will sway them..

  2. Some people I know from the southern states,drinking water is flammable right out of the tap due to the fracking. It probably depends on the company.

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